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The episode starts with Vansh coming downstairs with Anupriya and sitting on mandap. Dadi asks Ishani to go and get Ridhima but Ishani says that she doesn’t want because Ridhima shows her a lot of attitude. Siya requests her to go. Ishani accepts and leaves.

On the other hand, Ridhima is crying while Kabir is looking for her wondering in which room she is. Just then he hears Ishani calling for Ridhima knocking on the door of her room and asking her to come out of the room. Ridhima tells Ishani that she will come out in a while. She cries asking Kabir to come as he needs her.

Ishani stands in front of the door of Ridhima’s room and attends a call. Kabir comes there and intentionally drops the tray with glasses he is holding. Ishani asks where his attention is and then turns around again continuing her call. Kabir bends down to grab the stuff he dropped and knocks at the door hoping for Ridhima to understand that it’s him only and open the door.

Ridhima opens the door thinking it’s Ishani and Kabir immediately sneaks into the room covering her mouth with a hand before she can shout. Ishani thinks that the servant has left. Ridhima asks who he is and Kabir removes mask and shield revealing his face. Ridhima cries and asks what happened. She tells Kabir that she knows where Shera is and is continuously crying. He stops her saying “statue” and Ridhima immediately gets still. Kabir says that he learnt this from her along with love. He notices that she is wearing the same lehenga she dreamed to wear on their wedding and nobody can dare to snatch her dreams from her eyes. He says that he won’t let the wedding happen. Title track plays.

Meanwhile, Vansh is doing some wedding rituals. Aryan says that poor Ridhima doesn’t know where she is going and that she is going to get suffocated with Vansh.

Ishani calls for Ridhima. The latter replies that she will be ready in five minutes. Ishani says that she will tell that she is ready and she will be called in few minutes. With that she leaves.

Ridhima tells Kabir that she didn’t know how and when he would have come but she was sure that he would have come certainly for her. Kabir says that he didn’t break her belief and now he will take her away. Ridhima tells him that she found a big proof against Vansh, that is Shera. She tells everything about it and how it got into Chanchal’s safe to Kabir. She says that he can destroy Kabir if he gets it. Kabir asks where Chanchal’s room is. Ridhima tells about the room and also tells him that he needs to get keys of safe from Chanchal first. Kabir asks her to relax and meet him in fifteen minutes on the backdoor where Mishra is waiting for her and he will reach them there. Ridhima asks him to be careful as Vansh asked him to keep an eye on everyone. He says that her love will take care of him and Vansh will be punished both for his crimes and for the pain he gave Ridhima. They say I love you to each other and then Kabir leaves the room.

Kabir follows Chanchal keeping an eye on her pouch where she has kept the key. She makes a plate of food slip from Ms Douza hands and, as Chanchal was near her, all the food falls on Chanchal’s saree. Chanchal places pouch on the nearby stand and scolds Mrs Dsouza. Kabir gets the keys from the pouch and is about to walk away but Angre stops him asking to clean the food that has fallen. Kabir places key under the glass on the tray that’s on the stand and then goes to clean but in the meantime Mrs Dsouza take the tray with key away. Kabir wonders what to do now.

On the other hand, Ishani comes downstairs and Dadi asks why she didn’t bring Ridhima down. Ishani says that Ridhima is ready and she will come down in five minutes.

Angre is talking to caterer who tells him that only two of his men could come. Angre understands that two intruders have come as caterers.

Ms Dsouza put tray and glasses in sink and key falls in hole. Kabir says that he will handle the dirty dishes and, once Mrs Dsouza leaves, he gets the key from sink.

Meanwhile, Ridhima covers herself with a shawl and walks in corridor when someone asks her to stop.

Kabir goes in Chanchal’s room and searches for Shera in the safe but the pen drive is not there. He wonders where it is.

Chanchal is the one who has stopped Ridhima. The latter makes excuse that the bulb in her room isn’t working and she is going to do her touch up in Siya’s room. Chanchal lets her go.

Chanchal goes back to sit on mandap next to Aryan. She asks Aryan what he did with Shera. Aryan says that he has done his work and she shouldn’t worry but just focus on wedding. In a flashback it is shown that Aryan saw Chanchal with Shera and telling her that it is a pen drive and if Vansh found out that she had stolen it, he will kill her. Chanchal says that she didn’t steal it but found in turmeric bowl. Aryan says that Vansh will never trust her so he will have to hide Shera somewhere. In present, Aryan asks Chanchal not to mention Shera ever. Dadi asks Ishani to bring Ridhima. Ishani goes upstairs huffing.

Angre sees Kabir and understands that he is the intruder. After a while, Angre whispers in Vansh’s ear that they caught intruder. Vansh orders to end him.

Later, Ridhima hears Angre talking on phone and telling that Vansh ordered to kill the intruder. She gets shocked hearing that and wonders what to do. She cries and just then she hears the noise of a bullet shot and Angre is seen shooting someone.

Episode ends