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The episode starts with Ridhima trying to recollect all what happened in the last time: she contacted Kabir who sent Sunny who got murdered. She says that whoever will come will die and wonders what she should do. She decides to face death and defeat it if she wants to live. She is keen on leaving the mansion after getting evidences to give to Kabir.

Ridhima starts digging Ragini’s grave but finds nothing and wonders if Sunny’s information was wrong or if Vansh took out Ragini’s body from it. She digs and hears a noise. She finds something in the ground. Someone is keeping an eye on Ridhima who has just find a diary. There is Ragini’s name on it. She thinks it is Ragini’s personal diary. She fills up the hole that she dig with sand again.

Ridhima goes inside the mansion and hides the diary behind her back seeing everyone in the hall glaring at her. She wonders why they are looking at her and if they got to know that she found Ragini’s diary. Chanchal comments that she got pale like her theft got taught.

Vansh says that it’s decided and everyone will go for outing to the farmhouse. Ridhima wonders if it’s Vansh’s plan. She says that she is sick and asks if she can stay. Vansh replies of course and says that he will take care of her staying with her. Ridhima gets worried.

Ishani says that she is not in the mood too but Vansh tells her that the whole purpose of the outing is to make her feel better. Dadi convinces Ishani to go. Chanchal asks what they will do alone in the house.

Dadi chuckles. Siya says that Vansh and Ridhima got married recently so they need some private time together. Dadi agrees with her. Chanchal is excited for their first outing after lockdown. Everyone leaves.

Aryan walks to Ridhima and says that she must be confused about the story behind this holiday. He asks her to remember that she will be alone in the house with Vansh who had an interesting history. He wishes her all the best and adds that they will meet again if they get the chance. He leaves.

Ragini is about to go upstairs when she stops on the stair and looks at Vansh sitting on armchair. Vansh makes shooting gesture with his hand pointing fingers like a gun at Ridhima. She leaves. Vansh smirks.

Ridhima bumps into Dadi and apologizes. Dadi asks why she seems so worried. She says that she should be happy as Vansh is giving her another chance and trying hard to solve everything between them. She asks Ridhima to consider like fate is giving her a second chance too and leaves blessing her to be happy.

Ishani is frustrated and complains with Aryan about how Vansh doesn’t care about her feelings and asked her to go to farmhouse. She wonders why Vansh is doing all this and if he cannot see her pain. Aryan asks her to think about Vansh deciding to stay alone in the house with Ridhima.

He reminds her about the last time he did so. Ishani smiles and says that it means that history is going to repeat itself. Aryan is sure that none knows Vansh better than him and Vansh never spares any traitor, no matter what the relation is.

Meanwhile, Ridhima opens Ragini’s diary and starts reading it. Ragini has written about their first date and her happiness because Vansh is a perfect boyfriend. Ridhima keeps reading and reaches the page in which Ragini talked about their third month anniversary and Vansh gifting her three hundred roses, one of which she has put between the pages of the diary.

Ridhima continues reading and sees that Ragini has just praised Vansh like he was the perfect boyfriend. She reaches a page in which Ragini has written about her confusion about Vansh’s sudden change.

She recalls Sathe, Aryan and Sunny telling her about Vansh’s dangerous love. She says that Ragini must have understood how weird Vansh is and adds that she is scared to him too. Someone is outside the room in which Ridhima is.


She reads that Vansh raised his hand on Ragini. Ragini has also written that Vansh might even kill her. Ridhima reads that all but the next pages are blank. She feels like someone pulled the diary out of Ragini’s hands while she was writing.

Suddenly a mysterious person dressed in black, wearing yellow gloves, pull the diary out of Ridhima’s hands and rushes away. Ridhima fails to stop her/him but grabs the diary. She wonders who doesn’t want her to reach Ragini’s truth. She goes back to the room and holds the diary deciding to make it reach Kabir. She considers the diary a big hope for her. Ridhima wraps the diary and prepares a card on which she has written “Please save me”.

Later, Dadi praises Ridhima since she remembers her friend’s birthday and is sending her a gift. She asks her name. Ridhima tells Dadi that it’s Sejal and she loves her a lot. She hopes she likes her gift. She prepares the parcel with the box in which she has wrapped the diary.

Ridhima gets up to go to give the parcel but Vansh comes and forbids her to go out accordingly to the rules of the house. Ridhima tells him that she called the courier boy who will deliver the parcel. Vansh sees the courier boy at the doorstep.

Vansh asks if he can check the parcel but Ridhima says that there is nothing to check since she has just packed a card, a bunch of flowers and a book. Vansh says that she suspects a lot and explains that he just wanted to check without any special reason and when he wants to do something, his heart cannot convince to do otherwise.

Ridhima tries to stop him but Vansh takes the parcel and unwraps it. Ridhima seems nervous. Vansh smiles while putting his hand on the card.

Dadi scolds Vansh for checking even the gift Ridhima wants to send to her friend. She asks him to let her go. Vansh accepts and gives back the parcel to Ridhima who wraps it again and then walks to the courier boy to hand him over the parcel.

 Vansh smirks looking at Ridhima who writes the address on parcel. Vansh thinks that she can hide it as much as she wants but he knows that she isn’t sending the parcel to Sejal. He walks away.

Ridhima asks the courier boy to deliver the parcel at the address she has written only since it’s a surprise. The courier boy leaves with the parcel. Ridhima thinks that Kabir will read the message and come to save her.

Later, Angre informs Vansh that the diary Ridhima couriered has reached that postal address. Vansh smirks and says that sometimes it’s necessary to convince the enemy that she is winning in order to win a war. He says that when Ridhima’s companion will go to that postal address to get the diary, the mastermind of the plan will be out.

Episode ends