Likewise Deep, Aarohi and Tara; the confusion and chemistry between Kabir, Ridhima and Vansh will impress you a lot.

Even since the Arjun Bijlani, Alisha Panwar and Nia Sharma starring suspense thriller Ishq Mei Marjawan went off-air, audiences were waiting for the season 2 of the show. Wait of the fans got over last night after Yash A Patnaik unveiled the second season of the show. The show was supposed to go on air in the month of March but due to nationwide lockdown show was on hold and got premiered last night 13th July 2020.

Ishq Mein Marjawan season 2 opened up in a flashback and the flying dupatta makes us curious to watch the whole episode. Back to reality; show revealed what happened 6 hours ago. Show female lead Riddhima (Helly Shah) is introduced to the audiences and her first look will capture your heart. Her smile and simple style will make you fall for her. Ridhima further discloses about her past life and about the love of her life. She tells to her friend that Kabir who is just a PT teacher is a blessing in her life. Other side, Kabir (Vishal Vashishtha) reveals that he is a secret CBI agent who missions to expose Vansh Singhania (Rrahul Sudhir). Vansh is shown a classy, arrogant business tycoon who does wrong thing in a right way. Kabir and his team are after him to collect a proof against him so that they can arrest him directly. But twist in the tale is Vansh don’t leave any prove against him. He is a white business man in front of the world.

Somewhere, Ridhima meets Kabir and proposes him for the marriage clueless about his real identity. Kabir gets mesmerized seeing Ridhima on her knees and proposing him. He was about to accept her proposal but at the same time he gets the lead against Vansh. Kabir asked Ridhima to wait for his reply as soon he will come back to her on their favorite place and will surprise her. Ridhima gets happy and walks on the road dreaming about Kabir; meanwhile Vansh sees her on the road and saves her from getting hit by his car.

Story forwards with the co-incidence where Ridhima for her friend sake attends Vansh’s party, as a party organizer. Vansh argues with her over the decoration. Ridhima replies him back as she was clueless about Vansh’s identity. Here, Kabir plans to catch Vansh red-handed in the party and sends Neha (Madhurimma Tuli) to attend his party. Neha somehow manages to collect proof against Vansh but gets caught by him. Vansh than pushes her from the height. Neha breathes her last in front of Kabir and asks him to promise her that he will arrest Vansh one day. Ridhima spots Kabir at the sea-side and asks him what he is doing here. Kabir asks her to go back and wait for him at their favorite place. The plot of the story so far is appealing and hooks us to our seat.

The suspense in between is breathtaking and what more turns the head is the cast of the show and their top notch performance.

Right from Helly Shah as Ridhima, Vishal as Kabir to Rrahul as Vansh; the trios are giving their best and you just can’t take your eyes off from them.

Helly as Riddima is portrayed a dreamy girl who is orphan yet keeps the positive thinking towards the life. She also believes in love and can go to any extreme in love. In the upcoming episode she will be seen making unexpected sacrifice for her love.

Coming to Vishal who is playing the role of cop Kabir, actor will skip your beat with his acting skills. His dedication towards his responsibility and love for Ridhima will melt your screen. But you might hate him a little after he will send her love to go close to Vansh for the sake of his mission. Apart from this Kabir and Ridhima’s jodi will make you to lose your heart to them.

In the grey shade Rrahul is bringing the life to character. His attitude will make you go aww if you like bad boys. Anyways the action scenes in the show will make you believe that you aren’t watching a daily soap but an action movie.

Yash A Patnaik never disappoints the audiences with their screenplay and they maintained their promise in Ishq Mein Marjawan season 2 too. So fans if searching for some content driven drama which is not based on regular saas-bahu conspiracy than don’t forget to tune Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 on colors tv because the show is for you!
Justshowbiz gives Ishq Mein Marjawan 2- 4.5 stars.

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