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Episode begins with Pramod meets a girl’s father and talks about marriage and dowry. Girl’s father asks him to not worry about money and he hopes that his daughter’s past won’t affect this marriage proposal. Pramod tells him that drugs are common nowadays and he won’t tell anyone about this. On the other hand, Paragi tells Batra that she is going to work unofficially to expose the truth. He hopes that she won’t disappoint him. He asks her that if she remember what they did in intoxication.

She recalls that how she revealed his nickname to him. She lies to him that she don’t remember anything. He tells her to solve the problem as soon as possible otherwise he will become Katra from Batra which shocks her. He adds that he remember everything. She apologizes to him and leaves from there. He smiles saying his nickname.

Meanwhile, Sushma prepares to welcome the guests. Vinod asks her that who is coming. She informs him that girl’s family coming to see Sanjay. He tells her that she knows that Sanjay and Paragi loves each other so much still the latter trying to separate them. She tells him only Sanjay loved Paragi and this time she will choose the right girl for Sanjay. He tells her that she is doing wrong. She pleads him to stay silent in front of the guests. He tells her that he won’t be at house to meet them and only Paragi is Sanjay’s wife for him.

Chanda tells Paragi that Atul and Shiva spending so much money suddenly. She hopes that Atul didn’t choose the wrong path again. Paragi thinks that what if Atul and Shiva introduced Mayank to Pramod and Baby. Chanda advices her to meet Sanjay and explain her side truth. She adds that communication is important in any relationship. Vinod comes there and agrees with Chanda. Paragi takes Vinod’s blessings.

Chanda greets him. He tells Paragi that he trust her. But Sanjay may take any wrong decision in Sushma and Baby’s influence. He asks her to talk to Sanjay but she refuses. He pleads her to save her relationship. She tells him that she is tired of defending herself. Now, her and Sanjay’s path can’t be same. He leaves from there. She thinks that she can’t tell the truth to him.

Later, Paragi tells Sanjay that Mayank is involved in this scandal. She says that their family don’t care about relationships but money. He tells her that they are behaving like enemies. She tells him that they need solid proof against them. He sends the pictures to her which he clicked earlier. He gives her an idea to expose the truth. She talks about his remarriage in jealousy. He teases her. Atul comes there and Sanjay hides from him. Paragi lies to Atul that she was talking to Rumi.

After some time, Sanjay convinces Vinod to have food. Then he feeds him. Vinod tells him that he feels like Sanjay will bring Paragi to house. On the other hand, Paragi talks about CCTV footage so Shiva can hear her. Shiva gets afraid and thinks that if Mayank got caught then she will end up in problem too. Meanwhile, Sanjay gets ready to leave the house. But Ashi twists her leg while walking. So Sushma and Sanjay helps her to come downstairs.

Episode ends.  

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