Zee TV’s popular show Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye has grabbed everyone’s attention, telling an impossible love story between two contrasting characters – Amruta (played by Sriti Jha) – a Maharashtrian Mulgi of modest means who believes in working on one’s marriage after identifying a suitable partner and Delhi-based Punjabi Munda Virat (played by Arjit Taneja) who has lost faith in the sanctity of the institution, taking most women to be gold-diggers. Viewers of the show have taken a strong liking for Amruta’s equation with her mother Bhavani (Hemangi Kavi), which tugs at their heartstrings and reminds them of their own equation with their mothers.

While Hemangi Kavi has been winning the hearts of the audience with her fantastic portrayal of Bhavani, little did we know that Hemangi also comes from a humble background and had to face daunting challenges along the way. Not a lot of people might know, but Hemangi Kavi started her acting career in theatre and built a strong base to become a method actor and went on to leverage her skills on television. It was through the rigors of theatre that she honed her craft, delving into diverse art forms such as music, dance, and visual arts, enriching her artistic sensibilities and preparing her for the challenges of television.

Hemangi said, “I still remember when I was in college, I discovered my passion for theatre, which in turn inspired me to take up acting as a career. In fact, these humble beginnings in theatre allowed me to explore the depths of human emotions and connect with the audience. My theatre background has been instrumental in helping me break free from my inhibitions and effortlessly embrace diverse characters like Bhavani in Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye. I feel if you start from theatre, you build a strong base for your career and learn to be more expressive towards every character you portray.”

While Hemangi’s humble beginnings might inspire you to pursue acting, it will be interesting to see how Amruta takes on different challenges, finds a job to save the family and supports her family in tough situations.
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