Social media has taken over the world, and how. While there are some who are as authentic as they can be, some are just trying too hard to make themselves visible. But Shivangi Verma, who was last seen in the Control Room, is not one of them. Her social media game is always on point, and she revealed that it comes effortlessly to her.

“It’s really validating to hear positive feedback from people in the industry about my Instagram. They appreciate what I’m sharing and find it glamorous, which is great because I believe it reflects who I am in real life. I don’t have to try too hard because what you see on my Instagram is genuinely me. I guess I naturally lean towards a Western style in real life, and my Instagram says it all,” she said.

“Feeling loved by fans is something truly unique. It boosts my confidence and motivates me to strive for greatness every day. Knowing that what I do matters to them gives me a sense of purpose. So, I stay super active, pouring my heart into everything I do, both for myself and for my amazing fans,” she added.

Shivangi is her own inspiration, and she believes in self-motivation and affirmations. Sharing that her social media is a true example of how she has progressed over the years, she said, “Looking back at my journey on Instagram, I’ve posted around 3000 times now. If you scroll back to the early years, you’ll see how I’ve evolved and improved over time. It’s not something I’ve forced, but rather a natural progression that comes with experience and refining my fashion sense. I haven’t consciously put in a lot of effort, but growth has happened gradually as I’ve embraced the journey.”

She also shared three tips to look glamorous both on and off social media, and said, “Off-screen, I focus on staying hydrated and exercising regularly to maintain my health. But when it comes to looking good on-screen, I pay close attention to my wardrobe and makeup. It’s important that the outfits I wear and the makeup I apply are perfect for the character or the occasion.”

“I’m lucky to have a supportive team that helps me with grooming, makeup, and hair styling. I’m truly grateful for their assistance in helping me shine on-screen,” Shivangi ended.