Sharad Malhotra’s Instagram family became one million strong recently. The actor said, “It took me quite some time, a couple of years to touch the 1 million mark. It was a long but sweet journey.”

“It feels very special to officially enter the ‘Million Club’. It’s a great feeling and I just owe all this, everything to all my fans and viewers out there. I think it’s more of their achievement than mine,” he added.

The “Naagin 5” actor, who has always shown gratitude to his fans, thanked them once again for this milestone. He said, “I keep saying all the time ‘actors are nothing without their fans and viewers’. All the hard work we do, it’s the fans and the viewers who watch it and appreciate it.”

“On the ‘Insta world’, as I call it, everything practically you do, personal or professional it’s there. The Instagram stocks have gone so high that everybody wants everything to be on Instagram, be it their real-world or reel-world,” Sharad concluded.