Popular actor Nishant Malkani is blessed as he has always been getting his parents to support right from the day he wanted to become an actor. Recently his parents visited the sets of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, in which Nishant plays the lead. Talking about his happiness and excitement Nishant says, ”It is a very proud and happy moment when you see your parents on the set where you are working as a lead. I could sense the pride, happiness, and love in their eyes. Everyone on the set treated them with so much love and respect and seeing them happy I was elated. It was a priceless moment for me to have them around me.”

Have your parents always supported you in your acting career? “Yes. They have been extremely supportive and encouraging. When I left my management studies and joined the world of acting which has many uncertainties, they supported me without any conditions.” So how do they feel about your acting? “They feel I am the best actor in this world! After all, they are my parents and the sweetest folk’s anyone can have.”