Till date ITV has brought to us many amazing and breath taking love stories. With each love story many different pairs of actors were tied together as couple and are shipped by their fans madly. There are many actors who have not been paired with each other. So, today we bring you celebs who can make a great love story if they are paired.

Jennifer Winget and Vivian Dsena:

Well both these actors are amazing while doing intense scenes. So , there could be this love story with a change that both of them are in grey shade and two negative characters falling in love.

Barun Sobti and Drashti Dhami:

Barun is one of the best intense and angry young man actor , on the other hand Drashti is a soft spoken actor who plays the role reflecting her real characteristics. Here we can see a sweet and bitter love story.

Namit Khanna and Aditi Rathore:

Namit and Aditi both bring some strong personality with their amazing acting skills. They can play both soft hearted and tough hearted characters, this gives this couple a wonderful chemistry and coordination.

Vikram Singh Chauhan and Rhea Sharma:

Vikram has a tendency to play characters who are tough from outside and soft from inside while Rhea enjoys her character being bubbly and active. In this case they would balance each other out and it will create one nice love story.

Randeep Rai and Shivangi Joshi:

Randeep and Shivangi are very friendly in nature. They will surely be able to bond off screen and this off screen friendship will create an amazing on screen chemistry which people can look forward to.

Ashi Singh and Zain Imam:

Ashi and Zain both enjoy playing a playful and bubbly character. This couple can feature in a very happy soulful story having two bubbly individuals falling in love. Their extrovert nature will help in forming a cute chemistry.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your favourites here, this is just end of part 1 of our list. Stay tuned for part 2 of this interesting article. Let us know your views on this list! Keep Buzzin!