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The episode starts with Bharti agreeing for marriage if it’s Vaishnavi’s wish. Vaishnavi grants her a wish in this happy moment. Bharti asks her to come for her wedding, that’s her biggest wish. Vaishnavi says she is always with Bharti in all her phases of life, so ask another wish. Bharti asks for Shubna’s presence in her wedding. Shubna is like a mother to her as she cared for them a lot when Bhakti fell ill. But its been a long time they met Shubna. Vaishnavi promises to fulfill her wish and blesses Shubna’s husband to find a way upwards.

Bhakti tells Devendra that Vaishnavi blessed Bharti for marriage, Devendra says he knows their family are Mata Rani devotees, but they don’t believe in God. He respects their feelings but can’t allow Mata Rani’s presence in Narendra-Bharti wedding. He also says to conduct marriage tomorrow itself as they don’t believe in Pandit, Mahurat.

Bharti cries in her home after knowing Mata Rani can’t attend her wedding. She recalls how Pandit, Sulochana asked her to refuse for marriage.

Goddess Lakshmi, Kali, Saraswati come to Vaishnavi, they ask her she cares so much for her devotees, then why is she letting Bharti’s wedding happen, why is she pushing Bharti towards sufferings. Vaishnavi prays for them and tells she is happy they care a lot about her devotees, she says this is Bharti’s fate, she will take her role and do ‘Paapnashni’. Bharti won’t face troubles alone, she will be there with her and show her the way.

Bharti is coming towards Vaishnavi. Goddess Lakshmi says if Vaishnavi feels this is Bharti’s fate, they are no one to question and they leave. Vaishnavi appears in front of Bharti and asks why is she looking so sad. Bharti invites her to Mata Rani Chowk, Vaishnavi promises to come.

Bharti is looking after arrangements for Chowk, her childhood friends come, she says they came at very right time and tells about Mata Rani chowk. Puja starts and Mata Rani appears there. They all chant for Mata Rani and perform Puja.

Vaishnavi tells about importance of marriage. She says if any family member is going in wrong path, they have to bring them towards right path.

Narendra’s sister comes there, Bhakti asks how she came there. She says they got so immersed in Mata Rani Puja that they forgot about bridal dress. Her assistants give the dress to Bhakti, she sees its White Saree. Villagers mock Bade malik family as red sarees are worn by bride. Bharti says she left everything on Mata Rani. She places the Saree at the foot of Mata Rani idol.

Precap: There’s a gush of air and kumkum falls on white Saree making it red. Shubna’s husband finds a rope and climbs up chanting Jai Mata Di.