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Devendra throws Mata Rani idol and asks why it broke if its powerful. Sulochana’s garland turns black and they worry, Vaishnavi says Bhakti, Bharti has to give lot of tests. And she turns garland into fresh one by her powers.

Narendra sees idol intact but all others see it broken, Bhakti says only pure hearted people can see it intact. Devendra tells his man to throw Bhakti family out. Everyone leave. Narendra asks his sister why only he can see idol normal. She says its because he is the only person with good heart in this house.

Two woman talk about Mata Rani prowess. One of them Suguna says she is able to work with one dysfunctional hand because she prays for Vaishnavi daily and narrates her greatness how she killed Bhairavnath and how she chose to stay on earth over heaven. Other woman asks how she knows so many things about Mata Rani, she says her relatives Bhakti, Bharti are big devotees of Mata Rani and they told her all these.

Bharti, Bhakti, Shullu come to Mata Rani darshan and thank her. Sulochana, Pandit praise Bharti for saving her brother bravely. Mata Rani says a sister saved her brother on Rakshabandan. Sulochana asks why don’t they celebrate Rakshabandan there. But Bharti says they don’t have rakhi, sweets, Puja thaal. Vaishnavi gets them all with her magic and Bharti ties rakshabandan to Shullu.

Devendra starts eating and calls his wife to taste the food. She tastes and finds she forgot to add salt. He scolds her, she takes plate and goes to add salt. Bheema gives him pan and goes to see why Jyoti Devi is delaying in bringing food on Devendra orders. Narendra comes there and wishes to reveal Bheema’s truth but Bheema comes and stops him.

Suguna is doing Puja to Mata Rani idol which she made by herself. A woman asks why don’t she go for Mata Rani darshan with her relatives, she says her husband doesn’t take her though she asked him many times.

A person announces loudly that Shullu is thief, villagers blame their family and Bheema throws stone on Bhakti by hiding his face. Narendra sees all this by hiding behind.

Suguna asks her husband to take her to Mata Rani darshan, he says path is difficult and they don’t have money to go but finally agrees on her plead.

Precap: Mata Rani is in disguise, she tells Narendra to leave his brother and be with truth one day. Narendra reveals Bheema’s truth to everyone.