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Bharti, Shullu, Prasad are playing in forest.Prasad says he will show a magic similar to Mata Rani miracles. Bharti holds his ears and tells him not to compare himself with Mata Rani. He closes eyes and counts numbers to show magic, Bheema assistants take Bharti, Shullu away. Bharti shouts Prasad to go away from there. Bharti, Shullu are tied up to trees. Bheema asks Bharti how will she protect her brother now. Bheema and his men leave.

Suguna gives old invalid coins to the woman who comes to buy old things and gets a gold coin in return. She feels its all because of Mata Rani. She and her husband decide to go to Mata Rani darshan.

Prasad comes to forest along with Bhakti to search for Bharti, Shullu. They find them tied up and go ahead to free them but they see lion coming towards them. Mata Rani stops lion from attacking them.

Bharti and her family come to haveli and tell Devendra about Bheema’s deed. Devendra hits Bheema and expresses his regret to Bharti and hands Bheema over to them to take him to panchayat. He apologizes Bhakti too for the troubles she went through in haveli. He asks Jyoti Devi to bring his son from store room, he regrets his behavior with his son. Narendra comes there and feels happy seeing everything fine.

Suguna and her husband get ready to go for darshan and she suddenly gets pain in her hand. Her husband asks her to rest and they will go after sometime but she insists to go.

Bheema feels why his kaka shri hit him in front of all. Jyothi brings food for Devendra, she recalls his misbehavior last time, but he talks nicely now and asks about Narendra whereabouts. Bheema hears this and wonders how he changed suddenly.

Precap: Jyothi Devi asks Bhakti to get Bharti married with her son Narendra. Suguna’s husband falls down and Suguna faints while waiting for her husband to come.