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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi is seeing major drama with Alok doping Jagannath by keeping his house mortgaged, here Purvi becomes pregnant with Baby’s child. With Jagannath and Kusum shocked but ready to support Purvi. With Jagnnath facing another issue of his house being sold by Alok he gets into trauma. how will they decide on what to do with future of the house and Purvi?

In the current track, Jagannath steps up for supporting Purvi and takes a decision that Purvi will stay in the house and if anyone has issue they can leave. This shocks Deepa to the core. Later, Jagannath feels guilty to go against Deepa and family. Later, Purvi decides to leave the house without telling Jagannath and Kusum. She goes to Deepa and tells her about the decision. Deepa doesn’t react. Next day, Purvi goes to Kashi’s place where Dolly has made arrangements in Mumbai for her. Purvi says bye to Dolly, Kashi and Badri. Kashi asks Purvi to not go without telling Jagannath. Here, Alok is worried as he missed out the interest paying date and Kewal cheating him. Just then, Subodh comes to Jagannath’s house shocking all. Jagannath is shattered to know Alok sold their house and Deepa also signed. Purvi comes back to Jagannath knowing about this crises. Jagannath takes blessing from temple and gets an idea to sort the problem. Jagannath files a complain against Alok in police station. Here, Isha ans Purvi try to calm Kusum. Kusum feels cursed to have kids like Deepa and Alok. Alok and Deepa cry and ask Kusum to forgive them. Jagannath comes with police shocking everyone. Kusum asks Jagannath not to make Alok go to jail but Jagannath doesn’t listen. Alok gets upset when Police takes him into custody. Next day, Kusum brings back Alok doing his bail. This upsets Jagannath but he is unable to say anything as Kusum says she will leave the house if Alok leaves. Later, Subodh comes with his crowd saying negative things about Alok and Jagannath and calling them thieves. This upsets Jagannath and he goes out to talk to Subodh. Jagannath states how Alok forged his signatures and he did an FIR against him as well. Subodh calls Jagannath hypocrite as Alok was released in the morning. Jagannath assures Subodh to pay back all his money. Subodh asks Jagannath to return it the very next day. Jagannath agrees.

In the upcoming episodes, Kusum and Jagannath will try to sell things and arrange for the money.

Will Jagannath be trapped in Alok’s plan? Will Jagannath and Kusum be able to help Purvi? What is in store for Purvi and Kashi? It will be interesting to watch.