The fifth season of Colors TV most popular supernatural series Naagin has started with a bang: the show story seems promising and entertaining enough to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Recently it was shown that Cheel Akesh fell in love with Aadi Naagin Nageshwari and got her lover Hridhey killed. Nageshwari took revenge killing Akesh and then stabbed herself to die with his love. Ten thousand years later, the story is repeating itself as the three have taken a new birth. Nageshwari is now Bani while Hridhey is Jai. Bani was seen attending her best friend Noor’s marriage and also Jai came there. However, the marriage got called off when a guy broke in the middle of the wedding revealing that Noor slept with him. Jai bashed him but it was all in vain as the groom left.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that the guy who got Noor’s wedding cancelled will be laughing with his friends while Jai will be standing enraged. The guy will tell him that he did good by sending the family away and will suggest ending everything on a light note even though the wedding ended with a bang. Getting angry on him, Jai will hit him from behind. Bani will witness all this. The guy will hit Jai back saying that he got scared when he hit him from behind, but he laughs at fear. Bani will look on.

Will Jai give it back to the guy? How will the three’s fate intertwine? Will Naagin get her love this time or will Cheel win?

All your questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Naagin 5, keep watching the drama and following this space for all the latest updates.