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Janaki Kalaganaledu is a Star Maa’s hit popular show. The unique storyline of the show attracted the viewer’s attention. Janaki is a well educated woman who wants to become an IAS while Ramachandra is a sweet vendor. They both are married. Ramachandra adores his wife and supports her in every situation. The leads of the show Janaki and Ramachandra are loved for their chemistry.

As Reported Earlier we saw Police coming to the birthday party and asking for Jnanamba. He tells her that she is arrested. Govindraju says that his wife never harmed an ant then why is she arrested. The cop tells him that the sweets they have sent into the birthday party has caused the consumers food poison and they are admitted in the hospital. They gets shocked hearing it. Ramachandra saying to the politician whose birthday party they have attended that only she can help and requests her to stop the police from arresting Jnanamba. The politician shares a glance with the officer and denies to help saying this is a huge crime and the patients are still in the hospital hence she won’t be able to stop and the cops won’t listen to her. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. However Janaki saves Jnanamba.

In the Upcoming episodes we will get to see Ramachandra coming to Janaki who is sleeping on the bed in sitting position and looking at her. He admires her for a while and then taking the Police cap he keeps her on her head. He smiles seeing her and says she deserves it.

What will Janaki do? How will Janaki pursue her education?