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Jasmin Bhasin: Shot-at-home videos can become the new norm

Since actors cannot go to sets to shoot their projects, there are many who are shooting content at home. The actor says that this can become quite a permanent solution since we are not sure when normal shooting schedules will resume. “I have been seeing a lot of shot-at-home videos and I think this can become the new norm. Even if the lockdown gets over, I think a lot of people are going to shoot at home because people have realized that we have the ability and capability to reach to the masses from our houses. We don’t need any specific platform, we can create our own platform and say what we want to,” she says.

The actor says that the world will not be the same even after Covid 19. “Post COVID-19 lockdown period, not just TV, film industry but I think every way the world is going to change. It depends on how we operate. It’s going to be different. I think as far as shooting is concerned, I think it should be made mandatory for everybody to have their COVID test reports. We will be careful about social distancing, hygiene and I think controlling manpower,” she says.

In fact, Jasmin adds that social distancing, which is the need of the hour now, is going to continue for a long time now. “ I guess social distancing is going to be something which will stay with all of us forever now. It will become part of life because everybody will have this thing in their minds that a virus like this can catch us and a pandemic can come again. So now we are aware that something like this can hit us and how do we need to protect ourselves and be careful about it and I think it will become our lifestyle,” she says.

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