Jasmin Bhasin who was existed for 100 days in the Bigg Boss house evicted couple of days back but since then her fans have been extremely sad and all they could do is supporting their favourite Jasmin with all the love. On social media fans have been extremely active and vocal and expressing their views on Jasmin Bhasin’s reentry in BB house. Jasmin who is currently busy in interviews with the media took some time out and was live on her twitter handle and replied to her fans query. One of the most common question asked in the live chat was whether she will be going back in Bigg Boss house or not? Jasmin says,” This is the most asked question & I’m here to address it. If the makers would call me back, I would go back for you guys. As I can see how heartbroken you all are by my exit. So yes I would, just for my fans and Aly.”

The fans have asked all the questions with a #AskJasmin and there has been huge impression and the chat was trending with more than 59k tweets in just one hour. This was the first time Jasmin was interacting with her fans post her exit from BB house. Jasmin has been extremely happy and grateful towards her fans, she adds,”I must have done something good in my life that’s why I have got so much support from them.”