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The episode starts with this tracking objection of the priest who was asked to perform the marriage ritual of Aniruddha and Jhanak. When he reminds that Anirudhha was already married with Jhanak following all the Hindu rituals, he strongly opposes the decision of Aniruddha who is going to marry Arshi now. Jhanak tries to anticipate the words of the priest, but the latter asks whether they have officially divorced now and asks them to show the legal papers. Srishti, Bharat and other members of the family also request the priest to perform the holistic rituals of the marriage but they clearly say they won’t let this happen in that sacred temple. He also extinguishes the holistic fire and reminds that she is the real wife of Aniruddha.

The whole family gets very shocked by this sudden opposition of their marriage, but they don’t have any other way not to stop this drama. Srishti says that she will arrange everything in Kolkata, and no one able to stop her daughter to marry Anirudhha. He asks them to leave Kashmir. She breaks down in tears, and couldn’t decide what she should do now. Aniruddha tries to pacify her mind and promises he will marry her on that date which was fixed before.

Shuvo and Srishti suggest Ani that he should complete the rituals putting the vermilion on the forehead of Arshi. As soon as Anirudhha proceeds with vermilion to complete that holistic ritual, again the priest comes and foretells that they won’t be happy if this marriage will take place. The team of the priest also stands there until Shrishti’s family won’t leave. Srishti decides to leave the place as soon as possible because the situation is not in their hand now. Arshi gets mad on Jhanak and expresses her grudges to her. She blames that Jhanak is the reason behind all heart grief. Lal and Bipasha also vomit their disgust to Jhanak.

After returning their hotel, Lal comes into the room of Anirudhha and suggests him to stand beside Arshi strongly who has broken down in million pieces. Aniruddha doesn’t want to listen any accusation against Jhanak who doesn’t have any mistakes. After a while, Arshi comes into the room of Aniruddha to talk with the him about the matter of their marriage. She is seemed very upset about the whole incident. Aniruddha consoles her and promises that everything would be alright when they will return Kolkata. In Kolkata, no one could stop them to marry. On the other hand, Jhanak feels restless for the previous incident. She couldn’t able to concentrate in her own study. Suddenly she notices is that she has kept the admit card of the examination in the room of Aniruddha.

Episode ends.

Precap : Shristi will blame Anirudh for spoiling the life of Arshi.

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Jhanak 12th June 2024 Written Update: