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The episode starts with the conversation between Jhanak and Ajanta. Jhanak decides to leave the Bose house before the marriage of Anirudhha and Arshi. Ajanta feels very disappointed when she assumes that Jhanak is going to leave the house and won’t return anymore. She says Appu will also miss her very much. They start talk about Appu and her future.

Ajanta feels devastated whenever she mentions about her daughter. Jhanak gives a her a hope that Appu will be confident in the future and will get the chance to showcase her own talent. She also asks Ajanta to enroll hier daughter in the music school. By Ajanta ssaya she doesn’t have the economical confidence to give Appu a proper musical education.

When Jhanak is about to leave the house to meet Anirudhha, Vipasha comes into kitchen. She asks Jhanak where ske is going. Jhanak says she wants to to buy some gifts for neighbour and books for herself. Vipasha rebukes Jhanak since she is going out without completing her own works. Jhanak promisees she will come within two hours. She is also forbidden to give any gift to Anirudhha. Jhanak gets shocked but promises she will not do any mess on the birthday party. When she gave a diamond ring i he engagement everyone criticize her. Vipasha feels vwry excited whje she learns that Jhanak will leave the house within four days.

Following the incident, Chhoton reches in the school of Mrinalini to invite her in the Bose house on the birthday of Anirudhha. He doesn’t want to give his original identity to Mrinalini. Seeing him in the school again Mrinalini feels very disturbed and asks why he has come there agapei. Chhoton creates a mountain out of the molehill when he is asked why he has brought the invitation card.

After a while Jhanak comes in coffee shop to meet Anirudhha on his birthday, they both meet in a coffe shop. Her presence makes. Aniruddha very happy. He thanks her for keeping the request. Jhanak looks very beautiful which mesmerizes Anirudhha. Though he couldn’t able to express his emotion to Jhanak but his eyes tell how much he cares for her.

Episode ends.
Precap : Jhanak will come into the room of Anirudha and will give him a golden ring as the presentation or gift. Anirudhha will ask Jhanak to put it on his hand. Later, Arshi will ask Anirudha about the ring.

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Jhanak 17th May 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s surprise birthday gift to Anirudhha