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Episode starts with conversation between Jhanak and Arshi. Arshi brings her into the room. Jhanak thanks both Arshi and Chhoton. Arshi requests Jhanak to marry the man who wants to marry her. Jhanak assures that she will not come between Anirudh and Arshi. Arshi asks Jhanak about the individual who forced her to have the drink. But she doesn’t want to utter the name of Vipasha which might create another chaos. She again promises that she will leave this house permanently as soon as she will marry a man.

After leaving of Arshi, Choton becomes very emotional when he thinks of the absence of Jhanak. He shows his affection to the girl and asks her to take the rest. Recalling the insistence of Vipasha, Jhanak feels very disturbed but she doesn’t say anything to anyone. In the next morning, Shristi calls Vipasha to give a important news. She says that today the man would come to see Jhanak by himself and he will finalize the date. Learning the news, Vipasha gets excited. This information also amazes Arshi and praises her mom. But Vinayak gets mad hearing the conspiracy of Shristi. He condemns his wife for her meanness. He also asks her to check her own behaviour since she is going to harm the career of Jhanak. Her family destroyed the future of Urvashi but Vinayak promises that he will not let this happen. But Arshi interrupts and begs to her father not to stop this marriage. She fears of her own uncertain future and expresses her insecurity regarding her own marriage.

At the same day, Anirudhha comes into the room of Jhanak. Though Jhanak requests Anirudhha to leave the room but Aniruddha doesn’t listen her. He reminds her that she should not marry until she will get a job. If she will start a life without any career will lead to a unsuccessful marriage. But Jhanak forbids him to interrupt in her personal matter. Anirudhha reminds him that they both gone through a same problem but Jhanak is not ready to listen Anirudhha. Though she repeatedly declines any connection with Anirudhha, but he proves that he is one of the most genuine well wishers of Jhanak. She accepts this opinion. But she doesn’t withdraw her decision, emphatically says that she will marry the man who was decided by Shristi.

Anirudhha asks her about the incident which took place in the Holi party. Jhanak assures that she didn’t take more than two glasses but Anirudhha declines to believe her words. Jhanak wants to repay the money which was spent for the treatment of Jhanak. Aniruddha gets very hurt and leaves the room.

Episode ends.

Precap : Shristi will bring a old business man who will eager to marry Jhanak. Anirudhha will be disgusted to see the old fellow but he would keep him aside from the matter.

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