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The episode starts with the dispute about Jhanak in the Bose family. Arshi doesn’t want to hear the name of her again and again. They always for Anirudhha’s return in the house from Kashmir. Chhotan prays for the safe life of Jhanak but Bipasha and Shubho feel irritated whenever they hear the name of that girl. Suddenly, Appu comes there with a exciting news that Aniruddha has arrived in the home. She has noticed his car from the balcony. Arshi and others get relieved when they are informed that Anirudhha has finally arrived in the house.

As soon as Aniruddha appears in the main door Appu runs to hug and demands a gift from him, Anirudhha keeps his promise and returns with Jhanak. When Janak appears in the door the whole Basu family gets utterly shocked for her reappearance. They also feel extremely disappointed assuming that Jhanak is going to live their house again. Arshi bursts out in anger and confronts her fiance why he has brought Jhanak again in the house after having all the dramas about her.

Vipasha asks why she was acting that she will get married with her beloved now she has again return in the Basu family. Every member of the family curses Jhanak for her shameless behaviour. But Chhotan, Ajanta and Appu get really happy getting Jhanak in their life again. Arshi emphatically wants to know the reasons behind this decision of Aniruddha, why he has changed his mind at the last moment without informing anyone and brought this girl.

Jhanak gives and falls excuse that her lover has cancelled the marriage and denied to marry her. She has returned in Kolkata just to attend the marriage of Aniruddha and Arshi. Shubha wants a legal declaration from that she won’t claim any right about Anirudhha following their past marriage. Finally Arshi and Tanuja give her the permission to attend the marriage ceremony. The grandfather and the uncle of Anirudhha welcome the girl in their house again.

In the same evening, Bipasha arranges a meeting in the house and discusses about her plan with Tanuja and Lal. She wants to make embarrassed Jhanak publicly. She plans to arrange a mujra dance of Janak where she will publicly embarrassed for her performance.

Episode ends.

Precap: Aniruddha will prefer another room in the same city for Jhanak but she doesn’t want to stay there because this will bring a defamation of him.

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Jhanak 19th June 2024 Written Update: Arshi’s excitement for her own marriage