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The episode starts with the diversion conversation between Aditya Kapoor and Vipasha. Vipasha tells out that Jhanak is the maid of the house which will excitedly surprised him, he doesn’t any much, but seems pleasd to see the success of a backwarded people. He also appreciates the effort and dedication of the girl. But Vipasha and Mimi both criticize the character and manners of Jhanak. After few minutes, they both head out to their work place. Before leaving, Jhanak bids adieu to Anirudhha. When they all leave, Vipasha, Rumi, and Mimi are rebuked by Ani since they clicked selfie with the famous actor.

Seeing the news coverage of Aditya and Jhanak, Shrishti gets surprised. Suddenly, Arshi comes there and she proudly says she has been selected for the world tour dance programme. Suddenly, Shristi shows her the news paper, and asks whether she does knows anything about this event. Arshi accepts that she knew beforehand that Jhanak will do advertisement shooting. Arshi tries to manage her anger and gives the logical reasons behind Anirudha’s decisions. But Shristi believes that Arshi should deserve this opportunity.

Shristi couldn’t able to bear the prosperity of Jhanak and asks Arshi to manipulate Anirudhha. But Arshi says she doesn’t want to interfere in between Anirudhha’s decision. She knows very well that Anirudhha wouldn’t change her decision following the request of Arshi. She also wonders Aditya Kapoor has agreed to work with Jhanak who is completely illiterate. Shristi insists Arshi to read out the new paper. Shristi tries to demean the efforts of Arshi and manipulates her to go against Jhanak. Being mad, Arshi tears off the news paper.
Shristi suggests Arshi to destroy the career of Jhanak so that she would get the chance. She showers her abhorrence to Arshi.

After few hours, Arshi comes into the house of Anirudha. They together criticize the character of Jhanak. Arshi couldn’t bear that Anirudhha has promoted Jhanak for this big project. Tanuja says that Anirudhha wants to establish Jhanak. But Arshi doesn’t think that Anirudhha has not taken the right decision.

In the shooting spot, Aditya Kapoor seduces Jhanak while they dance together. She becomes startled. After the shooting, Aditi also invited Jhanak in his room and tries to be more friendly. When Aditya Kapoor comes to know that Jhanak has not any gaurdian he gets the chance to harass her.

Episode ends.

Precap : Aditya will insist Jhanak to come into his room but Jhanak will try to avoid.

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