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The episode starts with the Mehndi programme of Arshi. To make Jhanak jealous, Arshi requests Jhanak to design the mehndi on her palms. Jhanak promises that she will help her to enhance the designs of the mehendi. Arshi asks Anirudhha whether he has the permission for this. Aniruddha has lost all the hope from Jhanak and wants to take the revenge on her. She is ordered by Anirudhha to complete all the mehendi in her legs also. Aniruddha decides to flaunt his love towards Arshi in front of Jhanak so that she will understand the result of her insult.

Aniruddha comes Arshi and suddenly hugs her. Jhanak’s face gets pale seeing their closer moment. Vipasha and Lal get surprised seeing the changes of Anirudha. Lal expects that Aniruddha will understand his mistakes getting Arshi in his life. Shristi comes there and appreciates the design of the mehndi which is made by Jhanak. To insult her, Srishti suggests Jhanak to work in a beauty parlour instead of continuing her dance.

After a while, Arshi and Anirudhha start discussing about their honeymoon plan after their marriage. Aniruddh decided Switzerland as his honeymoon venue but Arshi says she has some works on those particular days. Anirudhha insists her to fix those days. He intentionally showcases his love for Arshi since Jhanak ordered him to give attention in his own personal life. After the mehndi program, Anirudhha decides to dance with Arshi. He wonderfully dances with Arshi and he seems very happy to get her life partner. Jhanak understands that Anirudhha was lying her. He was just hesitating to showcase his love towards Arshi, but now he is fully happy to get Arshi.

On the next day, Shubha wants to discuss something important with other members of the family. He wants to get the sign Anirudh and Jhanak before the marriage so that Jhanak will not able to claim her own marriage with Anirudhha. He doesn’t want to take any risk about that girl. Lal calls Anirudhha in that room to discuss about this matter.

Chhotan comes in the office of Mrinalini to delivered some books. But again a dispute occurs between them, when Chhoton enters in her office room without taking the permission. Chhoton asks a cup of tea, but Meenu feels irritated with his presence. He still fears that if Mrinalini will expose his plan, he will be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap : Srishti will force Anirudhha and Jhanak to sign in a paper which will prove that they both deny their previous marriage.

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