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The episode starts with the conversation between Jhanak and Anirudhha. On the birthday of Anirudhha prepared the food for him but Tanuja forbed her to serve it to Anirudhha when in the night Jhanak comes into the room of Anirudhha with a plate of food, knowing the fact that Jhanak didn’t take the food before Anirudh insists her to have the food at first. In spite of having the hesitation Jhanak takes the food from the hand of Anirudhha. He reminds that there will be no chance from tomorrow to feed her since Jhanak is about to leave the Bose house. They discuss about the journey of tomorrow, Anirudh doesn’t want Jhanak will leave this house, she doesn’t have any other way but to return in her own City. Anirudh couldn’t help but to show his concern for Jhanak. He also manages all the security for Janak when she will reach in the Kashmir.

Jhanak wishes him the best for his married life but says that he is not confident about his own love life. But Jhanak doesn’t want to listen any hesitation or negative words from Aniruddha about his love life and requests him to concentrate on that. She decides to keep herself away from him so that he could able to attend Arshi with his full attention. After leaving of Jhanak Anirudhha, recalls those old memories when he was with Janak.

Aniruddh girls D police and request them to arrange the full security for Janak when she will reach in the Jammu Kashmir. But Bipasha who hears the conversation of Anirudh and feels very irritated realising concern for Jhanak. She immediately calls Srishti and informs her about this. Srishti also plots against Jhanak and decides to spoil this security management. She wants to punish Jhanak informing Tejas before hand.

Aniruddh could not able to sit properly when he thinks about Jhanak, she feels utterly bad for the girl who will leave the house tomorrow. He starts missing her tremendously. After a while again Jhanak comes into his room and wants to give something to Anirudh and Arshi. Anirudh says that he will drop her in the bus station but Jhanak fears if others will come to know about this.

Episode ends.

Precap: Jhanak will give him a expensive gold ring, at first Anirudh will deny to take it but she will insist him. Anirudh will ask Jhanak to put it in his hand by herself. He will promise that he will never take off this ring. After leaving of Janak Anirudh will start to miss her tremendously and will realise that he couldn’t able to leave his life without that girl.

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