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Epsiode starts with Aniruddha who becomes totally freaked out seeing the poor condition of Jhanak. He brings Jhanak in the hospital taking in his lap. But Tanuja asks him to put her in a stretcher but Aniruddha yells at her which confounds him everyone. They couldn’t imagine that Anirudhha could behave like this way with his own parents. In spite all the forbiddance, Aniruddha himself takes her inside. He asks Choton to bring the doctor as soon as possible. He tries to wake her up but Jhanak doesn’t respond. He couldn’t able to forgive himself if Jhanak would die.

Vipasha fears that Jhanak is no more since she is senseless for a long time. At the same time, Barda also reaches to the hospital. After a while, the doctor comes and checks the health of Jhanak and asks them how did she lose her sense. He doesn’t want to waste anymore time and asks Anirudhha to wait outside. He behaves abnormally assuming the dangerous condition of Jhanak. Tanuja and Vipasha both get freaked out assuming the consequences of the matter.

On the other hand, a squabble occurs among Shristi, Vinayak and Arshi. Shristi yells at her daughter Arshi since she expresses her wish to meet Jhanak for once. Shristi bursts out her anger on Anirudhha who always hurts Arshi. She even wants to break the marriage proposal with Anirudha but for the sake of Arshi, she couldn’t able to do that. Vinayak forbids Shristi to curse Jhanak since she is now in the verge of the death. Arshi is insisted to go to her bed. After a few minutes, Vipasha calls Arshi and tells her assumption that Jhanak is no more. Arshi and Shristi are asked to come into the hospital as soon as possible.

Tanuja and Vipasha couldn’t able to handle their tension and ask themselves why the hospital is not declaring the situation of Jhanak. Tanuja couldn’t able to believe her own eyes that Anirudha has been suffering that much for a maid. Shubha also fears that Anirudhha will cancel the marriage with Arshi if Jhanak will die.

Barda couldn’t understand how Jhanak fall sick this time. Recalling the insult of Anirudhha, he feels immensely bad for the girl. Though he is an atheist, but he wants to go to the temple to pray for Jhanak. As soon as Shristi reaches to the hospital, she criticizes the character of Jhanak. Anirudha gets offended hearing the criticism of Shristi and yells at her. Chhoton assumes that someone mixed poison in her juice that’s why Jhanak has fallen sick. He also promises he will prove the criminal when he will have the proof.

Episode ends.

Precap : Anuradha will reach to the temple to pray for Jhanak. He will also wear a sacred dress to complete the veneration. Seeing his efforts, everyone gets amazed. They couldn’t understand why he is doing so much for a maid. When the priest will ask the name of Jhanak from Anirudhha, he will give his own title to Jhanak.

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Jhanak 28th March 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha’s care for Jhanak