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Episode starts with Anirudh telling Jhanak that she is a heartless person. She says that she never thought of something like this for him. He asks why she didn’t think anything like this despite him misbehaving with her many times in front of everyone. He says one day she would understand why he did all this.

Jhanak asks him to leave her alone for sometime since she needs rest. Anirudh says that his family is preparing for her marriage so if anybody asks her anything about it she must say that he has asked him to do this. If anyone asks him anything regarding this, he would say he did what he felt like. He wishes Jhanak luck and says he hopes that the people who would come to see her like her. He says that he mother must be very happy for her since she is seeing that Jhanak is trying to get married on her own terms and wishes. She says she also wants to get married and leave this house fast.

Appu is seen talking about Jhanak to her mother. She says that Jhanak was looking like a fairy while sleeping. As she is asked to take the medicine by her mother, she says she won’t take it since it makes her sleepy and if she falls asleep she won’t be able to talk to Jhanak. She runs around in the room playing and saying she won’t have the medicine. Shubho comes and says that Appu has been screaming like an eagle all over the house in such a tense situation. He says Appu knows everything but keeps on acting. He makes it clear that people are going to come to see Jhanak today so she must not be seen anywhere near the hallroom today.

He threatens to be the worst person if Appu tries to create any problem in front of their guests and Janna’s fiance rejects her. Appu asks how she would get married again when she is already married. He holds Appu’s hand tightly that hurts her and says that he won’t leave her if anything wrong happens. Appu cries in pain so her mother tries to console her. Boudi makes her promise that she wouldn’t ever talk about Anirudh and Appu’s marriage ever again.

Vipasha insults Jhanak as she has been living in the house without giving any rent. Jhanak gets very angry and reminds them that she works in the house as a maid. The man with whom Shristi has arranged the marriage of Jhanak has arrived in the Bose house. Shristi introduces him with all other family members. Appu makes fun of that man. On the other hand, Aniruddha gets tensed since he couldn’t able to return home. He even cancels all his meeting to reach the home.

Episode ends.

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