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Episode starts with the dispute between Anirudha and Arshi. When Anirudhha is about to leave the hospital to offer veneration to the temple, Arshi questions him where he is going. But he doesn’t want to tell anyone that he is going to temple. Giving no answers, Aniruddha leaves the hospital. After leaving of Anirudhha, Arshi comes to know the true reason of his leaving. They become totally surprised that Anirudhha who is an atheist, has gone to pray someone else.

Coming into the temple, Anirudhha and Chhoton notice that temple is already closed. Anirudhha decides he will make a statue of Mahadev, and will offer his prayer. Chhoton also asks Anirudhha to change his clothes. Wearing dhoti, Anirudhha sculpts a structure of Mahadev and prays to God so that Jhanak would get back her life. Seeing his dedication Chhoton realises the wholehearted devotion of Anirudhha. Other visitors also come there to see the devotion of Anirudhha and praise him. They also show their interest to know the reason.

On the other hand, the doctor asks the Bose family to visit Jhanak for once because she might lose her life before the night. Though they don’t want to visit Jhanak, but Vipasha shows the interest out of her fear. The confirms that the patient might have had some poison in her drinks but Tanuja immediately anticipates that the drink was homemade. The doctor also mentions that the police would investigate this case for which Tanuja and Vipasha become tensed. They try their best to hide the true facts from others. When Anirudhha does late from from coming temple, Arshi and Shristi both become restless. They both decide to see what Anirudhha was doing in the temple.

Tanuja and Vipasha also join them. They all seem very dissapointed for the sudden changed behaviour of Aniruddha. Seeing his efforts, everyone gets amazed. They couldn’t understand why he is doing so much for a maid. When the priest asks the name of Jhanak from Anirudhha, he gives his own title to Jhanak. Reaching into the temple, Tanuja, Arshi and others become totally surprised to see the sudden devotion of Anirudhha. Shristi warns Arshi about her fiance and reminds her to rethink her decision. Though Arshi calls Anirudhha with his name, but he doesn’t response. They all blame Chhoton and thinks that he had manipulated to do it.

Episode ends.

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Jhanak 29th March 2024 Written Update: