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Episode starts with the conversation between Shubha and the doctor. The doctor clears out that Jhanak is not in a stable condition and she needs a special medical support. He also asks Shubho to sign in a bond so that they could continue their treatment. Though Shubha doesn’t show any interest about her treatment, but his Borda signs on the consent paper so that the she could get the ventilation. A dispute occurs between Shubha and his elder brother regarding this issue but the latter doesn’t care the word of Shubha. Meanwhile, Anirudhha comes from the temple completing the veneration. Seeing his weird clothes, Shubha gets totally flabbergasted and asks Shristi why did he wear this kind of dress. Shristi angrily explains that reason and describes the unusual devotion of Anirudhha who is completely an atheist.

Elders asks Anirudhha to change the dress, but Anirudhha couldn’t hear anything. His care for Jhanak makes everyone surprised. On the other hand, Aniruddha and Chhoton request the doctor to let them enter into the cabin so that he could touch the auspicious flower on the forehead of Jhanak. Recalling the old memories of Jhanak, Anirudhha enters into the cabin and touches the flower on her forehead. Though the doctor doesn’t show any interest in his superstitious activity but nothing could stop Anirudhha. As soon as he touches the flower, Jhanak starts responding meticulously. The doctor keeps her under the observation.

After a while, she also opens her eyes. The whole improvement makes the medical department surprised. After few hours, Jhanak is released from the hospital. As soon as she returns into the home, Shristi talks with her in a taunting voice. Jhanak confesses that she was forced to take the sarbat. Arshi repeatedly asks Jhanak who did force her to have the juice but no one doesn’t let her to tell anything about the incident. Anjana and Appa both get relieved seeing Jhanak in a better condition.

Shristi mentions that she has already arranged the marriage for Jhanak. Anirudhha feels very disgusted since Jhanak shows her interest in the marriage. She wants to leave this house when her marriage will be done. Both Anjana and Anirudhha request Shristi to postpone the date so that Jhanak would get some time to recover. But no one doesn’t anything. Anirudhha wants to give Jhanak in the hand of any reliable man. But Jhanak forbids him to interfere in his personal life so that Aniruddha wouldn’t mess up his own relationship with Arshi. Anjana asks Jhanak to rethink about her relationship so that she could lead a better life.

Episode ends.

Precap : Shristi will bring a old business man who will eager to marry Jhanak.

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