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Episode starts with the introduction of Avinash who wants to marry Jhanak. Seeing the old man, Arshi gets very offended and criticizes the character of that stranger. Avinash is introduced by Shristi and she confirms that the marriage will be held within a week. Everyone becomes very excited when they understand that Jhanak will be ousted from the home within seven days. Meanwhile, Jhanak is brought in the ground hall. Seeing the celestial beauty of Jhanak, Avinash gets surprised and flabbergasted. He immediately agrees to marry the girl. Jhanak is asked to touch the feet of the elders but she doesn’t want to follow the every words of Avinash. Jhanak eagers to continue her studies after the marriage.

Vipasha insults Jhanak as she has been living in the house without giving any rent. Jhanak gets very angry and reminds them that she works in the house as a maid. The man with whom Shristi has arranged the marriage of Jhanak has arrived in the Bose house. Shristi introduces him with all other family members. Appu makes fun of that man.

Though Avinash’s family doesn’t prefer the study of their daughter in law. She doesn’t even show the minimum respect to the man. Meanwhile, Anirudhha comes in the home and gets surprised seeing the people. Arshi asks why did he come from the office in that odd time, Anirudhha says he forget to take a specific file so he came from the office to take that file. Arshi tells him that Jhanak has chosen the man has also given his consent.

Avinash gets surprised to see the old man in the house and understands the conspiracy behind this marriage. Seeing the confused eyes of Aniruddha Srishti introduces Avinash with aniruddh and says that this is the man who wants to marry Jhanak. Actually she becomes very angry inside but expresses that he wants a grand wedding of Janak. The same time the whole Bose family doesn’t want to spend much money on Jhanak. But Anirudh prefers a grand wedding of Janak. Tanuja and Bipasha both try to show that Janak is being treated very respectfully in this house which is not true.

When Anirudh lunch that the marriage will happen with in a week he gets totally shocked. Avinash also wants to marry Janak as soon as possible because he wants to take Jhanak with him in the abroad. Arshi and Srishti try to glorify the fortune of Janak so that no one question their motif. Bipasha also supports that decision of Shristi. Again jonok is ask to confirm her decision. Being pressurized by others Janak says that she is agreed to marry this man which totally surprises Anirudhha.

Episode ends.

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Jhanak 2nd April 2024 Written Update: