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The episode starts with the collision between Jhanak and Anirudhha. He becomes totally freaked out since Jhanak has accepted the proposal of Shristi. She is also accused as a greedy as she is betraying Rahul who was probably the boy friend of Jhanak. Jhanak rigidly says she would marry the man and doesn’t show any interest about his personal life. Anirudhha expresses his abhorrence to Jhanak and becomes totally faded up for the behaviour of Jhanak who doesn’t show any gratitude to him. Even he yells at her as she has agreed to prepone the marriage. Aniruddha also thinks that Jhanak loves someone else when she is going to marry other man. The hypocrisy of Jhanak makes offended Anirudhha and requests her to cancel the marriage.

Though Jhanak confesses that she loves someone else but Anirudhha couldn’t understand that it is him. He again points out her hypocrisy and tries to hurt her by words. Jhanak asks Anirudhha to oil his own porridge. He promises that she will get all the respect when she will leave the house being married. The squabble gets intensified and blame each other for their own misfortune. After few minutes, they both go into their own room.

In the breakfast table, Anirudhha gives a proposal to his family that he prefers to organise the wedding programme of Jhanak in a grandeur way so that everyone will get a shock seeing a maid’s marriage. When other family members prefer not to spend much money in Jhanak’s wedding ceremony.
Arshi says that Shristi has bought a diamond set for Jhanak which surprises everyone. Aniruddha wants to invite her co workers but Arshi gets very offended seeing the unusual interest of Anirudhha regarding Jhanak’s marriage.

Chhoton manipulates the school principal to take the offer of his company so that he would get the interest. She feels very irritated and confused with the behaviour of Chhoton. Chhoton lied that he is married and he had seven children but when he is questioned about his personal matter, he messes up the matter. The principal assumes that he is lying and asks him to bring his children. Chhoton decides to continue his acting until he gets the opportunity to sell the books.
Episode ends.

Precap : Anirudha will offer Jhanak to go with him for the wedding shopping but she will decline to do so.

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Jhanak 3rd April 2024 Written Update: