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Star Plus TV show Jhanak will be going to air a interesting scene where Anirudhha will safeguard Jhanak from every hazards. We will witness that Anirudhha will request a big company to take Jhanak in their project again. In the next morning, Aditya Kapoor, a big director, will come in the Bose house to meet Jhanak. Rimi will mock the Jhanak’s maid status but Jhanak will take the stand for herself. Jhanak will come to meet the director.

In the current episode, Rimi and her sister notice that a big car has been waiting for Jhanak. The elders of the house rebuke Jhanak for being desperate. Jhanak comes outside of the room with her luggage. Shubha and Tanuja become irritated when they learn that Jhanak will stay outside of the house for two days, they also insult Jhanak. Vipasha and Mimi come outside to take the selfie with Aditya Kapoor, they also unbox that Jhanak is a maid of the house.The director becomes totally freaked out listening this truth. Anirudhha feels an insecurity in himself and fears of losing Jhanak. When he asks her to sit in the car Jhanak prefers to wait for the director but Ani insists her to take the seat first.

In the next episode, Aditya Kapoor will be amazed to see Jhanak’s beauty. Anirudhha will feel anxious for Jhanak, he will doubt if she will lose her innocence stepping forward in the glamour world. Anirudhha will overwhelmed for Jhanak’s success but his parents will feel immensely jealous.

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, keep watching Jhanak for more interesting updates!

It will be interesting to watch, the struggle of Jhanak to establish her position in the Mukherjee house. Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.