Jhanak: Jhanak(Hiba Nawab) feels Humiliated and Left Out Anirudh notices the Injustice

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as Jhanak and Aniruddha gets struck outside because of the bad Weather.

The Family celebrates Aniruddha’s Birthday Happily while he cuts the cake with their Wishing going on. He feels Loved with their Love for him.

Arshi gives him a Ring and asks him to wear it to which Anirudh denies to do so and when he is forced, he tells her that he will wear when the Time is right.

Jhanak looks at everything happening and gets shy not knowing how to give him the Gift. She decides to stay away but then she feels very alone and unwanted.

Everyone ignored Jhanak as if she doesn’t exist while she just stands in a corner watching everything that is happening.

Anirudh takes Stand for Jhanak

Jhanak is asked to  serve the Food which she does but then she gets Humiliated as Tanuja sees that she has made Kashmir Food which makes her Furious.

Jhanak doesn’t say anything about Anirudh asking her to prepare it but then Anirudh sees them doing it and takes stand for her. He notices how they are treating her but stays silent for Tanuja and Shristi.

Anirudh Decides to keep Jhanak Forever with him as he falls in Love with her and understand her feelings for him as well. Arshi gets the Hint of Anirudh’s Feelings and goes Berserk.

What will happen Next?

What will happen to Jhanak?

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