Jhanak: Jhanak gets Kidnapped, Anirudh realises the importance of Jhanak(Hiba Nawab)

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as Jhanak and Aniruddha gets struck outside because of the bad Weather.

Jhanak gets worried as she thinks about whatever has happened in the Hall and decides to be in limits till she is there.

Arshi comes to Jhanak and calls her a characterless girl. She tells her that she knows the foul game that she is playing against her and gets furious.

Arshi warns Jhanak to stay away from Anirudh because he is hers and he can never be Jhanak’s no matter what.

Arshi catches Jhanak’s Lies

Jhanak gets furious hearing the accusations of Arshi and tells her that she is not a  characterless girl. She tells her that she would have done something else if she was one.

Arshi asks her whether she is raising her voice against her and tries to intimidate her but Jhanak doesn’t get scared of her.

Jhanak tells her that she is Married to Anirudh and she has rights over him which she can use against her but she didn’t and let them get Married.

Jhanak goes to the Jammu and Kashmir to give her Examination where goons kidnap her in the pretense of Police which Anirudh gets to know and gets scared.

Anirudh realises her importance in his Life while Arshi gets determined to claim her rights on him watching him Leave.

What will happen Next?

What will happen to Jhanak?

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