Jhanak: Jhanak takes Care of Suffering with Fever Anirudh

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as  the show takes different twists and turns that are enough to keep the audience hooked to their Screens.

Jhanak tells Anirudh that she doesn’t want to get Married to Rohit and tells him that because of him she is in such a confused state.

Jhanak then tells Anirudh that she doesn’t understand what to say about her Life and tells him that she is not even sure whether she is single.

Jhanak tells him that she doesn’t want to be called his Wife but she also doesn’t want to Marry Rohit because of lack of Emotional Attachment.

Ajanta gets Blamed

Bipasha and others says that things would have gone worse because of Ajanta and Chooton. They say that they both must have manipulated him.

Chooton tells her that he knew that Anirudh is going to go there but then he didn’t manipulates him. He says that it is his own decision.

On the other side Jhanak Blames Anirudh for whatever wrong happened in her Life and says that he ruined her Life. Anirudh feels down with her words.

Anirudh thinks about whatever she has said while he suffers from Fever. Jhanak take care of him while he confesses his Love to her.

What will happen Next?

What will Jhanak do?

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