Colors TV newly launched show Pavitra Bhagya manged to grab viewers attention on its first day of it’s launch with its unique storyline. The show focuses on the lives Reyaansh, Pranati and Jugnu and the change in equations in their life.

As its reported earlier Pranati and Reyaansh learns about Jugnu’s immoral way of gambling through online games and suspects Vardhan’s hand on her kidnapping. Now it will be seen that Pranati and Reyaansh saves Jugnu from kidnappers and in return Pranati leaves Jugnu due to her deal with Daadi.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that the kidnapper changes Jugnu’s hiding place as Pranati disobeyed their order. Instead they leave a clue about Jugnu’s laptop. Pranati and Reyaansh checks the laptop and finds that Jugnu was gambling online. Pranati blames herself for not deserving to be called as a mother while Reyaansh says that he’s equally responsible.

Later Reyaansh checks the card used for money transaction for game and finds that it’s his elder brother Vardhan’s card. Both Pranati and Reyaansh suspect Vardhan’s hand on Jugnu’s.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Jugnu gets saved by Pranati and Reyaansh. The trio makes their entry back into the Khuranna mansion. Pranati strikes a deal with Pranati for having money to save Jugnu. Dadi makes Pranati sign Jugnu’s custody paper and leave her forever. Dadi sends Pranati away due to their deal. Jugnu misses Pranati and cries for her. She pleads Reyaansh to bring back Pranati.

Will Reyaansh brings Pranati back to the house? Will Jugnu realise Pranati’s love.

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Pavitra Bhagya , stay tuned to this space.