Juhi Parmar, who plays a double role in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karmphaldata Shani on Colors, faced one of the most exciting shoots of her career. The actress, who is portraying a double role in the show,shot at Ladakh. When contacted, Juhi revealed some interesting details about the shoot.



She said, “Shooting in Ladakh was a unique experience, although the climatic conditions made it difficult because oxygen there is very thin and the temperature at Pangong Lake was freezing. Also, my call time used to be really early at 4.30 in the morning because we used to shoot only in day light. So, I had to start getting ready by 4.30 am and be on the sets on time.”

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Shooting at such a place can be dangerous, but Juhi was at ease considering the production house had taken the necessary precautions. She says, “The oxygen levels are really low at Ladakh, so you do at times start gasping for breath. But our production house had taken good care of all of us. They kept an ambulance ready on the sets with a doctor around all the time. This way, whenever anyone would need a doctor, medical attention was given immediately. Even when I felt little a little out of breath and started gasping, they sent the doctor who immediately attended to me and gave medicines. They even had mobile oxygen cylinders with them, which they gave me. I was fine in just about half an hour. So it was not that one needs to go to the hospital, because were cautious enough to keep a doctor on the sets.

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However, the beauty of the place compensated for all the difficulties she had. She says, “Shooting at such a remote location was tough, but at the same time, it was very a beautiful experience as we got to shoot at some fantastic locations. Pangong Lake is amazing and Leh itself is a breathtakingly pretty place. It was a very different and surreal experience which we all enjoyed.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s show is already being talked about for its unique content and presentation and is touted to be Magnum Opus like Mahabharat.



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