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Episode begins with Dadi tells Jahaan that Ilahi saved his life. Tina tells Jahaan that no one can love him like Ilahi. Jahaan leaves from there without saying anything. Ilahi tells Dadi that she saved Jahaan because she loves him. Jahaan’s mother thanks Ilahi for saving Jahaan’s life. She says that she won’t accept Ilahi as her daughter in law. Ilahi tells her that she did nothing wrong. She says that she don’t have proof to prove her claims. And says that Jahaan is her life so she saved her life. She adds that she will protect Jahaan always. Jahaan hears everything and cries.

Ilahi tells Seerat that her love for Jahaan is true. She reminds her that just 2 days left. She says that Seerat and Jordan’s game is over in two days. Seerat says that Ilahi can’t prove anything. Ilahi says that she don’t think today accident happened. She asks her that if Jordan tried to kill Jahaan. Seerat leaves from there. Ilahi tells herself that she wants Seerat to question Jordan.

In the garden, Seerat asks Jordan that if he tried to kill Jahaan. Jordan tells her that she become mad in love. She tells him that she love Jahaan so much and she even tried to kill her sister for Jahaan. She asks him to tell truth. He accepts that he tried to kill Jahaan. She decides to expose him. He shows her video to him. He tells her that he will expose her if she tried to expose him then. He goes inside. She tells herself that she has to delete the video at any cost. Ilahi overhears everything.

Tina tells her mother that she will take food to Jordan. Ilahi mixes sleeping pills in Jordan’s food. Meanwhile, Seerat tells Jahaan that she know he also love her and he kept fasting for her. Jahaan asks her to stop it.

Later, Ilahi notices Jordan slept. She takes Jordan’s phone. She watches the video and says that now everyone will get to know Seerat is criminal. Seerat comes there and tells Ilahi that she got Jahaan after many efforts so she won’t lose him. She says that she won’t let Ilahi leave the room. Ilahi runs from there. Seerat chases her. Ilahi drops the phone because of Seerat.

Jahaan catches the phone. Ilahi tells Jahaan that there is proof in the phone. Seerat tells Jahaan that there is no proof in the phone. She tells him that she made him star and how can he suspect her. She orders him to give the phone to her. Ilahi slaps Seerat. She tells Jahaan to watch the video. Jahaan and others watches the video. Everyone scolds Seerat. Jahaan hugs Ilahi. He tries to attack Seerat but Ilahi stops him. He apologizes to Ilahi. Seerat says that Jordan is her accomplice.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jordan plans to stop Jahaan and Ilahi’s marriage.

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