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Episode begins with Tina and Jahaan says that Jordan is not in the house. Dada says that Jordan escaped. Jahaan asks Seerat that where is Jordan. Seerat tells him that she don’t know. Jahaan tells her that he will send her to jail. Seerat asks him to not do that. She asks Ilahi to stop Jahaan. Seerat’s mother tells Ilahi that Seerat committed sin so Seerat deserves to go to jail. Jahaan drags Seerat from there. Seerat’s father stops Jahaan and says that he will take Seerat from there.

Jahaan notices that Jordan’s mother is missing. Jordan’s mother comes there and lies that she went outside to bring gifts. She asks Bebe that what happened. Bebe tells her that Jordan tried to kill Ilahi. Jahaan says that he will file a case against Jordan too. Jordan’s mother pleads him to not do that. Dada tells Jahaan to call the police. Jahaan’s mother apologizes to Ilahi. She gives Ilahi’s hand to Jahaan. Ilahi hugs Jahaan.

After some time, Ilahi and Jahaan’s marriage preparations begins. Jahaan asks police inspector to inform him if the latter found Jordan then. Meanwhile, Jordan calls his mother. Jahaan’s mother tells Jahaan to stay happy with Ilahi.

Ilahi gets ready as bride. She feels like Jordan is there. Her mother tells her that no one is there and Jordan won’t return. Ilahi tells her that Jordan will return for sure. Her mother tells her that Jahaan love the latter so much and he will support her always. Jahaan’s mother comes there. She tells Ilahi that no one can separate the latter and Jahaan.

Jordan’s mother meets Jordan and gives food to him. She informs him about Ilahi and Jahaan’s marriage. He asks her that if she brought money. She tells him that she brought money, his passport and ticket too. She asks him to leave India for few years.

Jahaan asks Ilahi to not think about Jordan because police will catch Jordan soon. He makes her smile. He tells her that they can win the world if they are together. He informs her about police security. He tells her that he is with her too so she need not to worry.

Outside the airport, Jordan’s mother tells Jordan that she will call him. Jordan tells her that he is leaving and goes inside. She tells herself that she don’t have any other choice that’s why she is sending her son away and leaves from there. He comes out and says he can’t leave without finishing his work.

Jahaan and Ilahi reaches the marriage mandap. Jordan comes there and tells himself that he will see whose marriage happens today. Jahaan and Ilahi exchanges marriage garlands. He promises to stay as her friend and keep her happy. Jordan sees this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jordan takes pheres with Ilahi wearing veil. Jahaan tries to escape.

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