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Colors TV’s recently launched show, Junooniyatt. The show revolves around three aspiring singers, Jahan, Ilahi and Jordan. Now the series focuses on Jahan in a dilemma!

In the previous episode we saw, Jordan showed evidence to Jahan and provoked him against Ilahi. Jahan misunderstood Ilahi when the police came and warned them. Ilahi challenged him to expose Jordan within 3 days. Ilahi notices that Jahan is ignoring her. She asked him to give her a last chance to prove her innocence.

Ilahi used a voice-changing app to contact Seerat with the help of Tina. She threatens Seerat by saying she has evidence against Jordan and Seerat. She demanded her to give 20 lakhs to her.

Seerat informed Jordan that someone had already given the evidence in Jahan’s hand. Jordan and Seerat were shocked to see a person giving a letter to Jahan.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Seerat and Ilahi will keep the Karwa chauth fasting. Seerat will do the rituals for Jahan but Ilahi does the rituals from his back. Ilahi will notice the light is about to fall on Jahan.

Ilahi will risk her life to save him. Jahan will mistakenly push down the Seerat’s pooja thaali. Jahan will rush to Ilahi. Ilahi saw Jahan through the frame under the moonlight and faint.

What will happen next? When will Ilahi and Jahan unite again? will Ilahi expose Jordan and Seerat?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more update