Waking up with this News can really shock you but channel has decided to plug-off the show!

No one would have ever imagined that Shashi Sumeet’s-Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai, which showcases a cute and romantic 90’s based love story through Sameer and Naina will end this soon. The show has recently completed its 400 episodes but seems something was not going good with the show and inspite doing well at TRP and on Sony TV this overnight decision is shocking.

Currently in the show, Naina and Sameer after crossing all the hurdles got married and were seen enjoying their marital life. The duo after completing post marriage ritual went Ooty for their Honeymoon. Though at their Honeymoon they fought more and romanced little but for the fans Sameer and Naina’s chemistry is rousing and the honeymoon sequence is the proof. Sameer’s uncountable try to get close to Naina was a pleasure to watch because the series is based on 90’s and they exactly show how the honeymoon happens during that era, which is the specialty of this show as they keep highlighting ‘Then and Now’ thing in their show.

Serial Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is also famous because this is the first time in ITV that simply yet attractively tells each high points of 90’s era to which audiences relate with it in no time. And without a doubt actor Randeep Rai and actress Ashi Singh in the role of Sameer and Naina did justice by bringing life to the characters and the duo was nominated for Best Jodi In Indian Telly Awards 2018.

The news of show ending came as a shocking for us too and we wished it wouldn’t have happened this soon. So how much you gonna miss this show do let know in the comment section below.

But before you start missing it so much let me clear one thing “HAPPY APRIL FOOL” DAY!