Park Jin is examining the soul shifter dead corpse when Seo Yul asked him whether they are going to revive him. Park Jin revealed that they would revive him only temporarily till they gets to hear what they want to from them and it’s just temporary revive. He believes that once a soul shifting takes place they are no more deserving enough to be alive. Seo Yul got disappointed hearing it. As we shift to Jin Mu’s secret room, he reveals that the power of soul ejector got taken away by the skies. Assistant Gwanju remembers Bu Yeon’s abilities who could have been a great priestess if she was alive.

Mu Deok witnesses the constellation basin opening above the ceiling and realized that she revives her power in water. Jang Uk saves Mu Deok on time when the lightning hits the constellation basin. Jin Mu gets alerted and leaves to secret room to investigate. Mu Deok again suffers blindness and Jang UK uses the yin yang jade to summon the Crown Prince in order to escape from Jin Mu. Upon seeing Eunuch Kim’s dead body Jin Mu decides to hide it and searches for Jang UK to kill him. However Jang UK is smart enough to divert him to believe that the jade is in the Kim’s body buying him time for Crown Prince to reach there.

Things go out of hand for Jin Mu as he realizes that Jang UK fooled him while Jang UK confessed to Crown Prince about Jin Mu trying to kill him. Cheonbugwon’s leader cracks that Naksu took over Bu Yeon’s body. Master Lee learnt about Cho Chung from Maidservant Kim and about his friendship with Jang. He also gets to know about his long lost daughter who was believed to be dead. On the other hand, Jin Mu continued refusing Jang Uk’s claims and Prince Jin also arrives there. Both Prince Jin and Crown Prince demands to see Eunuch and the Eunuch gets presented in front of them all fit and fine. Jang UK realizes that the ice stone was used to revive the Eunuch and he gets hope regarding Mu Deok too. He admits that he lied about everything while Jin Mu demanded to punish Jang UK. Prince Jin promises to send someone from Songrim to fix the constellation basin and left with Jang UK and Mu Deok much to Jin Mu’s disappointment. Crown Prince and Jin Mu both wonder how did the basin broke.

Eunuch Kim explains Jim about how Mu Deok ran wild on him and is happy that he got revived by the ice stone. His happiness is short lived as Jin Mu takes it back from him and falls back dead again. Songrim is now aware that ice stones could revive soul shifters and Prince Jin wants to destroy it much to Jang Uk’s grimace. Queen informs Assistant Gwanju that Court Lady Han will take the Eunuch place. Queen and Jin Mu were suspicious of Jang Uk’s sudden powers. Jang UK grows skeptical upon knowing about Mu Deok and Seo Yul’s close bond. Seo Yul discovers about Jang UK against destroying the ice stones.

Mu Deok is scared to travel alone with Jang UK as she doubts whether she would harm him which ignites the growing affection towards each other. Jang UK is not much interested to go fishing with Master Lee. Mu Deok convinces him to go for the training. On the other hand, So Yi gets ready to be the blind woman Bu Yeon. Maidservant Kim puts on service for Naksu. So Yi sharply observes things around and only finds Seo Yul familiar but Jin Mu warns her to stay away from him. So Yi had other plans.