The episode starts with someone throwing a metallic ball inside the restaurant shocking everyone. Both Chi Yeol and Haeng San were present a t police station to report about the same. Haeng San complaints about Chi Yeol breaking her phone when asked about their relationship. Chi Yeol takes the Inspector aside and claims that he believes that the attack to be on him by his stalker as he’s a celebrity. The Inspector has no idea about who he is when Dong Hee comes there and takes both out. On the way Dong Hee asks why didn’t he say about him visiting the place as he himself would have brought the food for him. He says he’s embarrassed to say it and wonders who made the attack and suspects it to be their rival or stalker who is disappeared for long. He reaches home but couldn’t help wondering about the attack. He decides to check CCTV footage to check for it. The next day, Haeng San is outraged with the expense she had to spend to fix the broken glass after last night mishap. Her brother Jae Woo try saying to her that he’s Chi Yeol but she is too worried to listen to him. There wasn’t any CCTV’s around to check for the culprit. Haeng San regrets for not accepting the new phone Chi Yeol offered as compensation.

Chi Yeol comes to the shop to check for CCTV only to find her rushing to the coaching center. Chi Yeol sprays water with his car on running Haeng San as she didn’t respond but she still overtakes him. It continues for days while Chi Yeol continued buying food from Haeng San’s restaurant. They both never fail to throw taunts at each other. Su Ah is angry over Hae Yi attending the same class as hers. She asks her mother to speak with Director and Prepone the special Winter classes to Summer where only 7 students will be chosen based on eligibility criteria using test. Her mother agrees to do it and went on to convince the director for the same. At crash course, Chi Yeol appreciates Hae Yi with a high five as she’s the only one who says the right answer and it already becomes the trending topic. He did it to encourage others to interact in classes too and Dong Hee appreciates it. He leaves to get food from Haeng San’s shop Nation’s Best. Haeng San is wiping the glasses as she spent hefty amount to fix it. She throws the soap water only for it to fall on Chi Yeol who was about to enter. He looks furious at her while Haeng San accepts her mistake. She helps him dry up and asks him to change the clothes while she dries up her old ones but Chi Yeol refuses. They enroll in another tiff when Hae Yi comes there and identifies him as Chi Yeol ,her star teacher shocking everyone.

Chi Yeol is worried that Haeng San would create rumors about him upon knowing that she’s his student’s mother while Haeng San is worried that she messed up with Hae Yi’s teacher. She’s also thinking of ways to make up with him. Chi Yeol keeps checking for online posts to know if Haeng San posted anything wrong about him. Just then Haeng San calls him inviting him to her restaurant. She made a feast for him and apologized him which was a surprise for Chi Yeol. He thanks her and accepts it with gratitude despite his policy to not get anything from student’s parents. He plans to enjoy the meal with his staffs when he gets Director’s call to a dinner meeting with every star. He asks Dong Hee to go ahead but also leave some for him as he would have once he returns. Chi Yeol didn’t touch any of the food in the dinner and Director spoke about the special training classes to be conducted in summer instead of winter. Almost everyone was against it as they had already made plans in their schedule. However Chi Yeol accepts it but in return demands Enamel Blackboard which is double the cost when compared to the normal one. Director have no option but agrees to get it for him. He leaves as he believes the meeting is over and while he passes by he finds his old classmates there who invites him to join them. They openly show about how much they were jealous of Chi Yeol who was once poor and very much low when compared to them. Chi Yeol leaves to washroom to inform it to Dong Hee that he can’t join them. Wile coming out, he finds his friends back bitching about him while showering praises in front of his face. They just called him to pay for their meal. Chi Yeol silently pays for the meal and leaves without a notice. He goes to his assistant’s place to find them too back bitching about him and simply leaves to his house.

Next day, Haeng San gets return gifts from Chi Yeol who’s grateful for it and changes her perception towards him. Su Hee shares with her friend’s circle about how she made Director change the decision and calls Young Nam to get the previous assessment papers but Young Nam turns her down. She bumps with her husband in lift who invites her for her father’s birthday party. She turns him down as Seon Jae has test the next day. He complaints her obsession for education the reason for Hee Jae’s behavior and doing the same for Seon Jae. Haeng San also comes across the special course and urges Hae Yi to take up the test. Hae Yi says it would be difficult for her to pay for it but Haeng San urges her to take it up and she agrees. Seon Jae sends previous years questions to Hae Yi and his mother lashes him out for t. they get into a fight. On the other hand, Haeng San thanked Chi Yeol who’s busy preparing the question paper. She tries to call as he didn’t respond only to know from Dong Hee that they are pulling an all-nighter. She plans to take food for them who’s working so hard and reaches there with food. Chi Yeol lashes out at her for coming there when her daughter is taking up the test. Haeng San leaves disheartened and is having the wasted food complaining to her brother and friend. Next day, Seon Jae finds him mother consumed sleeping pills and takes aher to hospital. He gets late to test for the same when Hae Yi buys him some time. Chi Yeol gets late due to traffic while Haeng San who’s also on her way for the same program give shim lift. They give their exams and all three Su Ah, Hae Yi and Seon Jae pass the test. Haeng San rejoices it and celebrates it with Young Joo. An elite parent whose son has failed the test and is involved in all evil activities, tries to fit him in the special program by probably getting Hae Yi out of the picture. A drunk Haeng San finds Chi Yeol and picks him up a twirl him falling on him.