The episode starts with Chi Yeol proposing a deal to Haeng San regarding tutoring Hae Yi in private. He refuses take money without you informing authorities as its illegal but in return demands her to feed him two times a day with meal boxes. He also says that he would pay for it. Haeng San hesitantly agrees. He also wants to keep it a secret. Later, he gulped down Haeng San’s food. She informs Jae Woo and Hae Yi about it and Hae Yi finds it hard to believe it. However she asks them to keep it a secret from everyone including Young Joo. Hae Yi sleeps with Haeng San at night and asks if she lied about free tutoring and took loans to pay Chi Yeol. Haeng san refuses any such thing. At home, Choi Chi Yeol thinks whether he took the right decision and he convinces himself that he did right. Just then he gets call from Dong Hee about Young Min’s suicide. He visited the spot as he fell from the academy building while Chi Yeol gets investigated by officers. The main officer wants to conclude it a suicide but his assistant is convinced otherwise.

At school, Sun Jae asks Hae Yi why did he agree to tutor Gun Hu. She says that it would help her better too if she teaches other person and didn’t find a valid reason to turn him down. Gun Hu comes there and asks her to start her tuition but Hae Yi first asks him to complete cleaning duty. Sun Jae is frustrated. The news about Young Min suicide goes viral and Haeng San feels bad for him despite knowing that he is the one who got Hae Yi replaced in the academy. Jang Seo Jin is having dinner with her friends who asks about her elder son Lee Hee Jae. She lies that he’s is abroad. The academy announces the classes getting cancelled for the two days. Su Yi and Seon Jae were against it as it could affect their children education. They decide to demand the director to resume the class. The director speaks with Chi Yeol who also agrees to tale the classes. Sun Yi and the Mi Ok were discussing about tit which got heard by Haeng san and Young Joo who were outraged at their selfishness level. She feels bad for Chi Yeol who was forced to work even at such time. The classes take place as usual and the students have a hard time to go on with the studies upon the sudden incident but still went on with their work.

Chi Yeol had a har time but still managed to cope up with the studies. Haeng San made the best lunch box recipe as the teacher is down with the recent news. Chi Yeol steals the tutoring materials for Hae Yi. Gun Hu comes to Hae Yi to help him tutor the basics and Hare Yi starts teaching him which is disliked by Sun Jae. Sun Jae is in washroom when Gun Hu also comes there. Sun Jae ask Gun Hu why he chose Hae Yi to tutor him and not Su Ah or him instead. Gun Hu gives his reasons when Sun Jae asks him directly if he likes Hae Yi for which Gu Hu says he doesn’t know and may be yes. He asks Sun Jae whether he has crush on Hae Yi and Sun Jae nods positively. The Detective wants to brush Young Min’s case under the rug upon his family’s pressure but the assistant wants to investigate more. He complaints about the senior detective when another says that he wasn’t always this way. He says about a high school boy murdering his mother and getting arrested for the same. He says it was handled by the senior detective and the whole world cursed the boy. However the supreme Court acquitted the boy which again created a rage and everyone lashed out at the Senior Detective.

Chi Yeol after his regular classes come to tutor Hae Yi and Haeng San makes things ready for him. Once he comes she continued ranting things but Chi Yeol cuts her off asking her to concentrate on work. Before starting the class Hae Yi asks Chi Yeol why would he tutor her as her mom’s food is not worth his tuition fees. He says that he doesn’t value things based on price but it’s worth. After class, Haeng san expresses her concern for his student’s death when Chi Yeol draws the line asking her t not cross it. Haeng San gets upset with his words. However Chi Yeol still appreciates her food. Jae Woo visits a waffle shop as he likes the waffles made by a particular employee and learns that she is on duty in the evening and returns. Haeng San makes lunch box for Chi Yeol and cooks up some excuse from saying the truth to Young Joo. She leaves delivering the food. Chi Yeol finds Dong Hee lashing out at Hyo Won for being careless with the tutor materials. Chi Yeol calms him down and cooks up weird excuses asking him to not punish the employees for trivial stuffs. Dong Hee finds it weird.

Jae Woo visits the waffle shop and the girl thinks that he’s her stalker. He orders waffles and some sugar syrup spills on the girl’s hand while giving it to him. He tries wiping it but the girl thinks that he is misbehaving with her and her boyfriend picks a fight with him. He pushes him scared and the boy friend gets hurt. Chi Yeol takes his leave after Hae Yi’s class when he finds Haeng San rushing over a call. He finds her scooter not starting and so drops her at station. Haeng San first gives courage to Jae Woo and apologizes the girl and her boyfriend explaining Jae Woo’s condition to them. The boyfriend is not ready to give up on the case but the girl agrees to drop it seeing her condition. Chi Yeol who came to give back her phone witnessed it all. She brings out Jae Woo and Chi Yeol leaves giving her the mobile. Hae Yi and Haeng San cheers up Jae Woo and he gets normal. Chi Yeol finds Haeng San drinking alone and can’t help but join her. She demands him to drink too and he does as she said. He passes out with minimal drink. He wakes up the next day and finds himself in Haeng San’s pajamas. She explains what happened and he is about to rush out but they got caught by Young Joo and Dong Hee in an embarrassing pose.