The episode starts with Chi Yeol present at Haeng San’s mother’s shop with her and recalls all his moments with her. He recalls how she showered her care on him by offering extra and free dishes when he had nothing. Chi Yeol’s rival teacher Mr. Jin collects details about Hae Yi and suspects that he’s involved in an affair with her. He wanted to make a post about the same. Haeng San also reminisces her moments with her mother. Chi Yeol learns that she passed away at he same time as his father’s and even remembers Haeng San. He recalls his struggling time of life seeing his dorm. Haeng San says that her mother died in a car accident and they have kept a tablet of hers in a temple. She calls it unfair that someone as kind as her mother had to die so early. Chi Yeol drops her off and finally finds the reason why he could only accept her food and why he’s naturally getting close with her and her family.

Seo Jin sneaks into Hui Jae’s room and unlocks his phone using his finger print as he was asleep. She installs a tracking app in his phone and leaves the place. Next day, Chi Yeol and Dong Hee pays respect to Haeng San’s mother in the temple and he shares with him about how Haeng San is the daughter of is savior. Dong Hee is surprised about the same too. He says that he now understands why he get attracted to her and wants to pay back the kindness he received. He asks for idea from Dong Hee.

Haeng San is unable to handle the scorching heat and wishes to have ac and calls her landlord to pay the rent. The landlord informs her that landlord is changed and gives the good message that she has to now pay only half the rent.

Haeng San is elated about the same when they find AC’s getting delivered at their building and gets surprised. Seo Jin keeps tracking Hui Jae while Hui Jae is checking for metal balls in internet. In the All Care Program, they give the login id and password for online tutorial and Seon Jae takes a picture of it and Su Ah mocks him that he would share it with Hae Yi. After the class, Dong Hee gives update to Chi Yeol that he got AC delivered to all rooms in the building so that none suspects it. Chi Yeol gets into lift with Mr. Jin who mocks him about Hae Yi. After getting out of the lift, Mr. Jin calls his friend to post about it from the Chiyeolsucks id about Hae Yi. Chi Yeol catches him red handed and hits him. He warns to not hurt Hae Yi or he threatens to drag him to court for false allegations and make sure that he doesn’t get another job.

Later, Chi Yeol takes Haeng San’s family for dinner to a posh restaurant in the pretext of celebrating the offers they got. They had a weird experience there while Jae Woo and Chi Yeol got close with each other. Chi Yeol treats them to extravagant treat and drops them off home. Su Ah is watching the videos in the tutorial and finds Chi Yeol’s hand writing matching with Hae Yi’s work sheep material and gets doubtful. Haeng San catches Dong Hee transferring the property papers and learns that Chi Yeol is the landlord now. She shares it with Young Joo.

Young Joo is very much certain that Chi Yeol likes Haeng San and is hesitating thinking that she’s married. Haeng San still couldn’t believe it but starts getting hopes when Chi Yeol orders food for his staffs from her store. She packs the lunches while Young Joo didn’t leave a chance to tease her. Seon Jae is helping Hae Yi carry books to class and Gun hu interrupts their time. In the end, Seon Jae himself carries everything to class. Su Ah gets Seon Jae’s worksheet in the pretext of solving a problem and finds that Chi Yeol’s writing is not present in his copy. Her suspicion gets confirmed.

Chi Yeol is very much excited than Haeng San to treat her meal to his staffs but their moment gets destroyed as Chi Yeol’s blind date the pianist makes her entry. She brings expensive snacks for the staff and everyone got indulged in savoring it ignoring Haeng San’s food. Haeng San’s budding hope drops upon knowing that Chi Yeol is seeing another woman. The pianist gives him pass for expensive seat for her piano recital a nd expects his presence there. Haeng San and Young Joo take their leave an when they are back at their place, Haeng San lashes out at her for filling her head with wrong thoughts and asks her to never repeat it. Su Ah shares with her mother about the suspicions while her father was cheating on her mother. Su Hee gets a detective number from her husband to keep track on Chi Yeol.

The detective also does his job as he clicks pictures of Chi Yeol leaving to Haeng San’s place. Chi Yeol gifts a tab to Hae Yi and explains her how to use it for her studies. Hae Yi is hesitant to get it but Chi Yeol convinces her. Jae Woo invites Chi Yeol to watch documentary of tiger with him on Chicken Day and before Chi Yeol could answer Haeng San herself says bout the recital and says he can’t join. Chi Yeol finds her behaviors strange while Haeng San is extremely jealous.

Dong Hee convinces Chi Yeol to go to the recital nd he agrees. He attends the recital while Su Hee finds that Su Ah’s suspicion is true. There is a break during the recital and at the time Hae Yi calls him for a doubt. Haeng San loses her concentration as she was listening Hae Yi’s talks with Chi Yeol and by mistake drops the steaming hot bowl upon herself. Chi Yeol panics hearing her scream and rushes to her at the middle of the recital while the pianist gets disappointed. Haeng San have a little burn at her hand and didn’t get hurt much. She’s surprised finding Chi Yeol there who cooks up excuse that he came there for Hae Yi.

Seong Jin is discussing with her old rival about the education director’s son’s case who didn’t leave a chance to taunt Seong Jin. After the meeting, she finds Hui Jae at some apartment and rushes there. It’s the same apartment where Jin is staying when the attacker comes there. He attacks Jin with a metal ball gun. Chi Yeol is watching the documentary about Bengal Tiger and helps Haeng San to throw away the trash. Haeng San confronts him the reason for the extreme kindness showering upon her when the All Care Program mothers assemble there.