The episode starts with Shin and Seo Jin presented in court for the trial. Seo Jin is not sure if they had to go on with the case given Hyeon Woo’s mental condition but shin suggests her to continue with the case. Seo Jin says she did visit the restaurant Shin asked her to. Plaintiff Lawyer claims that Hyeon Woos dignity would be at stake if he’s given the custody of his immoral mother and so he’s in hospital. Shin asks if Hyeon woo was asked whom he wants to be with and she says that he wants to be with his father. Shin claims that he said the opposite to him. Shin recalls visiting Hyeon Woo in hospital and coaxed him to say whom he wants to be with. Hyeon Woo says that he wanted to be with his mother. Shin presents Hyeon Woo’s journal as evidence in court and also asks Hui Hyo Seop that if he showed his son his mother’s leaked tape. He did agree with it saying that eh wanted to expose his mother. Seo Jin turned furious and slapped him twice upon learning his heinous act and faints.


Seo Jin wakes up I hospital and demands to remove the iv as soon as possible. As the nurse goes to call Doctor, she asks him why didn’t he say about it to her beforehand. He says that her son called him in the morning to give the journal in his school and he didn’t want her to know that he saw it so that he wouldn’t be in pain. She cries and says that she will asks for his forgiveness all his life. While leaving, Shin says that they won the case and she thanks him. Hyung Gyun is worried about the result when Shin gives him the good news that they won and he gets elated. Seo Jin cooks for Hyeon Woo and h comes back from school. She pleads him to taste it a bit and he appreciates it. She falls on his feet kneeling down and asks for his apology. He hugs her and accepts it. She also adds that they won the case and his father is staying in hotel near his office. Shin recalls his past while drinking while remembering Seo Jin’s words. He plays music and starts dancing.

Shin’s friends come there to celebrate his victory. Seo Jin is sleeping with her son and looks at him sleeping. Shin’s friends ask the details about the case. Shin calls Seo Jin courageous to have slapped her ex husband twice right in front of Judge. Hyung Gyeon is super happy for her while Jong Sik calls him out for still not getting a divorce and moving on. Shin agrees with him but he calls him out too for his boring life style and his obsession with trot music. He connects his mike with the speaker and the three sing songs together. An elderly couple finds them crazy for their act. Next day, a cleaning lady in washroom greets Shin and enquires him about the cost needed to get a divorce.

The lady comes to check a pipeline crack in a salon and agrees to send someone to fix it. The customer in the salon asks the hair dresser if she’s really the landlord as she don’t seem like one. The hair dresser says that it’s her mother in law who’s the owner but she runs all the errands of maintenance. At home her mother in law is abusing the lady’s daughters Mi Young and Mi So. The lady returns home and she hurry her to cook not even letting her to wash up. Her daughters were supportive of her but her mother in law continues throwing insults at her. Once she’s back in her room a she demands her husband to stop his mother from bullying her daughters. She says that she’s putting on with her as it’s her who clung on to him but she doesn’t have any right to bully her daughters. The husband paid no heed to it a continued watching tv. The next day, her mother in law suggests to rent the upstairs as she would move in one of the daughter’s room a nd asks her to give single room to both her daughter. The lady gets upset. While she’s working in a restaurant she calls her husband out for a talk.

Shin meets one of his student who’s a pianist which means that he was a pianist professor who took up the job of Attorney after quitting it. She happily claims that she got a chance to join her favorite band in Germany and gifts him his favorite wine. He has no plans of going back to his past life. Seo Jin meets with Shina nd gifts him a wine as a token of thanks for winning the case. She says that she wouldn’t have won if it was someone else in his place and e agrees with her. She finds one of the grape drawing colored and finds only one left to be colored. He asks he the reason for marrying her ex-husband. She says that he started a business with her brother in which his brother brought loss due to gambling. He says it’s him who saved the company by selling his house. He understands that she felt a sense of indebt towards him a nd she agrees. He enquires about Hyeon Woo and she replies that he’s slowly interacting with her. She calls him Mr. Competent. The lady asks her husband to stop his mother from moving into their apartment.

Hyung Gyeon and Shin are drinking in the bar when Hyeon Gyeon asks him if he’s planning to fight someone after the grape coloring is completed. A CEO is instructing her assistant to speak with Shin. Shin says his friend that he’s going to kill the person fir what he did. The lady’s ,other in law is fighting with the lady’s daughters who were against her moving in with them. They say that the mortgage is by their father’s lost business and it’s her mother who’s working hard to pay off for it. After a heated argument the mother in law starts beating he daughter which infuriates the lady. She too hits her mother in law. Shin walks in sadness and plays the piano by the river side.