The episode starts with Shin spending a sleepless night after recalling his sister’s death. Next morning he finds Seo Jin waiting for him in his office. She apologizes for acting rash and giving him the resume and making him uncomfortable. She asks for it back as she’s planning to go for another job interview. Duin wants her in his office and gives Mr. Jang as an excuse to work with him. Jang also acts along and Seo Jin gets convinced. She starts her job and Shin admires her. Park’s junior lawyer is none other than the same guy who uploaded Shin’s video on social media. He finds that he’s fighting for a cleaning Ae Ran and informs it to fight the case against Shin.

Ae Ran says to Shin about hiwntee husband caught her red handed and said that the records are not there. She also reveals that she has depression issues. Shin decides to make use of it added with some lies. He says that she needs to say that she didn’t push him. She is asked to show it as some accident and wasn’t intentional. Ae Ran feels it’s a lie but Shin advises her to go ahead with the lie. Ae Ran agrees. He comes back to office to find his work mates chitchat. Seo Jin impresses him by organising all the clients. He takes her for lunch to the Grandma’s shop. The lady is nervous and asks for autograph as she’s her fan. Seo Jin realises that he brought her there to lift her mood. Jang, Shin and Jong Sik camp together and Shin shares with them about seeing his sister Ju Hwa in his dream.

Shin recalls his sister’s funeral when her husband didn’t even bring her son and made excuses. His friends were with him even then. Jang shares about meeting with Ji Eun too. Park meets with Byung Chol and tells him about Ae Ran meeting a divorce attorney. He promises to fight the case from his side being a very famous law firm. Byung Chol is not very fond of it .Ae Ran recalls Shin asking to file a fake defamation case on her mother in law. She’s confused about it but recalls her abuses from the time she got pregnant till now. Byung Chol comes there and confronts her for meeting with attorney. He asks her to drop it but she refuses to listen to him . She says about her trying to sue defamation case on his mother.

Gi Yong’s upset that he couldn’t get to meet his uncle. Gi Yong’s father asks his wife about it who emotionally manipulates him to end letting Gi Yong meet his uncle every month. He agrees and asks her to let him go one last time . She gets happy. He says Gi Yong that he can meet his uncle and he gets happy. He calls Shin and shares the same. Byung Chol shares with his Attorney about his wife about to sue his mother and the Attorney appreciates his wittiness. Jang stays in Shin’s office shied to face Seo Jin. He gets a message and leaves crying. Seo Jin suggests a consultation room for the huge surge in clients and let them meet her first before meeting him. He agrees to consider it. Jang sees his wife’s message which claims that she’s pregnant and asks him to end it. He’s in pain and visits the ramyeon shop. He asks for beer but the lady gives him wine with free ramyeon.

Byung Chol confronts Ae Ran about her trying to file a fake defamation case. She didn’t pay heed to him when Shin comes there. He says that he’s about to file the lawsuit. Byung Chol confronts him too for making her lie. Ae Ran leaves when Shin shows him the mirror that it’s how unjust Ae Ran felt all this while. Shin and Jong Sik fight over why Jang cried when Jang showed them the message from Ji Eun. They wants to stay with him but Jang sends them away. They leave worried about him. Byung Chol’s mother comes back home who still despises Ae Ran. She’s not ready to give her a penny as it’s because of her Byung Chol couldn’t marry the Vice Principal’s daughter. Ae Ran’s daughter gets worried about her but she says she’ll manage.

At the session day, Choi Jun who seems smitten by Shin greets him as his opposing attorney. The session starts and surprisingly Ae Ran admitted that she beat her mother in law. Shin entrusted her husband to say the truth and as expected he revealed all the details that the building belonged to him and Ae Ran has put up with his mother’s abuses. Shin withdraws the case and can see the romance still in the couple. Byung Chol’s mother is upset that he agreed for dividion of property when he reveals that he really loved Ae Ran. He says that the vice principal’s daughter she’s whining about wanted her in the nursing home after marriage and that’s why he broke up with her. His mother realises her mistake and feels guilty. Ae Ran prepared a meal for her mother in law and apologized her. They both made up and Ae Ran assures to not go ahead with the divorce. A mistress is fighting with a wife to give divorce to her husband but she’s not ready for it.

Choi Jun resigns his job as he wanted to join Shin due to his admiration towards his work. He visited Shin for the same who has nothing to do with Keum Hwa law firm. Choi Jun says that he would take down the video if he hires him. Shin charges at him knowing that he’s the uploader.