K-Drama My Lovely Liar Written Update on justshowbiz.net

The episode starts with Do Ha confronts Eom Ji’s father for killing his daughter but he said he didn’t. Sol Hee confirms that he said the truth. Eom Ji’s father also tells that the creditors would have harmed for the money he took from them . He also says cruelly that he wanted the insurance money and so didn’t want her death to be a suicide. Everyone are disgusted at him while the gangsters demand him to say the truth. He points at Jae Chan and reveals that he was Eom Ji’s stalker. As Do Ha confronted Jae Chan he lies that Eom Ji double dated him but Sol Hee catches his lie. He escapes in his vehicle and Do Ha chases after him. Sol Hee also follows with gangsters help. Do Ha manages to catch him but he jokes about killing Eom Ji. Jae Chan takes Eom Ji as hostage to escape using Do Ha’s car. Do Ha lets him go despite Sol Hee saying that he was lying about harming her. On their way back home, Sol Hee is grateful that she could help Do Ha.

Do Ha wants to go to Deuk Chan to ask about Jae Chan. Sol Hee offers to accompany him but Do Ha asks her not to. He trust Duek Chan and doesn’t want Sol Hee to accompany him which upsets Sol Hee. The reporter asks Chief Kwak to contact him if he want to share anything regarding the Hakcheon case. Kang Min meets with the witness who recalls seeing a person in football jersey approaching Eom Ji as she called out Seung Ju’s name. Do Ha visits the company with everyone gossiping about him and Deuk Chan tries to give self explanstion. Do Ha expresses his suspect on Jae Chan and Deuk Chan gets disappointed with Seung Ju about the same .

Sol Hee meets with Cho Rok who tells her about a man visiting her shop time to time. She also expresses that they trust Do Ha which Sol Hee understands that is a truth. Cho Rok points at Sol Hee’s father and Sol Hee takes him to talk over a meal. Sol Hee’s father asks about her boyfriend and Sol Hee expresses her trust on him. Her father cheers for her. Sol Hee’s mother calls her for money and her father lashes out at her for mooching off Sol Hee. She is on a date with an old man who gifts her a necklace and bracelet for her which she accepted with a fake smile. Do Ha gets worried that Sol Hee is upset with him but Sol Hee is actually upset that she lost her turtle. Do Ha helps her find it and Sol Hee gets happy. She reveals that she would share all her secrets with the turtle as she believes it completely over people. Do Ha apologizes for Deuk Chan issue and also says that she can trust him fully for sure.

Do Ha meets with Kang Min as he asked him to and Kang Min confronts him about the witness. Do Ha reveals that both Jae Chan and Deuk Chan were his framed alibis as he couldn’t prove himself innocent. He also asks Kang Min to find the real culprit instead of trying to prove him to be one and expresses him suspicion on Jae Chan. Kwak finds his daughter fighting for Life and Doctor gives no hope. He meets with Yeon Mi who tries to threaten him as she can’t use his daughter as her weakness anymore. Kwak became furious over it and leaves lasukg out at Yeon Mi’s cunningness. Do Ha and Sol Hee try to find Jae Chan but finds his shop locked. They get his number but still couldn’t get hold of him. Kwak meets with Kang Min and gives the ring to him. He also reveals how he was not honest with us work and asks him to prove Seung Ju as the culprit. Upon the evidence Kang Min learns that it’s a unique design specifically made and starts enquiring jewellery shops about it. Sol Hee and Do Ha learn that the gangster got hold of Jae Chan and rushes there. Upon reaching there they find out that Deuk Chan took him home paying for Jae Chan and also framing it ad escaping but Sol Hee catches the truth.

Kang Min finally finds the shop where the rings are made and soon learns that someone made another make ring days after for a different size. He learns that the ring he had now is the another ring and not the couple rings. Kang Min learns that Do Ha is not the culprit. Do Ha calls Deuk Chan to ask if Jae Chan is with him but Deuk Chan lies that he’s not. Kang Min then meets with Do Ha and Sol Hee and tells about the ring. All the clues point to only Jae Chan. Do Ha takes the help of Sol Hee – The Lie Detector as her client and Sol Hee explains the procedure to get. Do Ha meets with Deuk Chan while Sol Hee hears them hiding. Upon many lies finally Deuk Chan reveals that Jae Chan went to turn himself in as the culprit shocking Do Ha.

Episode ends.