K-Drama My Lovely Liar Written Update on justshowbiz.net

The episode starts with Do Ha confronting Deuk Chan about the real murderer and Deuk Chan reveals that it’s none other than Jae Chan. He also tells that he’s already in Hakcheon to turn himself in upon his persuasion. Do Ha feels betrayed that he had to live under the cover for no mistake of his but Deuk Chan explains how difficult it is for him too. Jae Chan turns himself as the killer . Eo. Ji’s brother sees the news and breaks down. Jae Chan is taken for interrogation. Do Ha tells Sol Hee that though the real culprit is caught he’s still restless. Sol Hee advises him to stop burdening himself with baggage. The next day, Sol Hee reopens her cafe and her friends greet her. Cassandra tells about the piled up pending works when Bo Ro invites Sol Hee to throw a party for Do Ha . Sol Hee prioritises the party over her clients.

Yeon Mi is still punished and she finds it unfair but the party leader says that it’s true that she bribed him as she didn’t trust her son. Do Ha comes there and Yeon Mi asks why didn’t he tell the truth to her. Do Ha says that he did many times but she never actually believed him. Reporters pounce on Deuk Chan accusing him for framing Do Ha for his brother. Deuk Chan learns that the company is sinking as everyone are developing a bad opinion about Deuk Chan. Deuk Chan tries to control the crisis when Syaon comes there. She too wants to quit but Do Ha persuades get for their old times. Syaon agrees to retain only when Do Ha forgives him. Do Ha gets a text from Sol Hee to meet her in Jazz bar. Upon reaching there, he gets a pleasant surprise from his friends and bar owner by throwing a party for proving his innocence. Do Ha gets emotional and they all enjoy. Sol Hee catches Cho Rok and Baek dating in secret using her powers. Do Ha confesses his love for Sol Hee and speaks it with a kiss.

Do Ha looks at his picture with Deuk Chan and Syaon from their early times. He meets with Deuk Chan and confirms with him that he found the truth only recently . Do Ha wants to reconcile with Deuk Chan and Deuk Chan tells him about the company in crisis. He invites for an upcoming event to show the world they are on good terms. Kang Min takes statement from Jae Chan about Eom Ji’s murder and learns that he killed her by accident. Do Ha shares with Sol Hee about Deuk Chan’s invitation and Sol Hee asks him to not lose friend of so many years. Kang Min notices that Jae Chan is changing his statements time to time and suspects his liability.

Kang Min calls Sol Hee and tells her about his suspicion that Jae Chan turned himself in with some ulterior motive. He suspects Deuk Chan to be the murderer. Sol Hee wants to say about it to Do Ha but Do Ha tells that he decided to go to the event to support Deuk Chan for their friendship. Sol Hee golds herself back. Kang Min gets permission for Sol Hee to speak with Jae Chan. At first Jae Chan refuses to give in but he gets feared when Sol Hee tells that Deuk Chan could abandon him for Do Ha. He finally confesses that there’s another evidence in his company and Sol Hee rushes there without even meeting Kang Min. She realises that Deuk Chan is the murderer. Do Ha attends the event and is greeted by company people. Deuk Chan announces about his friendship with Do Ha and steps down from his position. He wants Do Ha to take over his position but Do Ha wants to only continue working alongside Deuk Chan. Sol Hee reached the locker but couldn’t get the passcode. She finds his picture with DomJa and her suspicion deepens.

Sol Hee calls Do Ha and tells him that Deuk Chan is the culprit. Deuk Chan comes to his office to find the locker opened. Sol Hee confronts him with the evidence and Deuk Chan says he himself was about to turn in. Sol Hee confronts him whether he likes Do Ha and he agrees that he does. Do hears it. He confronts Deuk Chan whether all he did for him was because he liked him and Deuk Chan feels terrible. He comes out and Kang Min takes him for investigation. Sol Hee gives the evidence to Kang Min when Deuk Chan escapes in his car. He hits the barriers to crash himself to death. Kang Min and Do Ha tries to save him after the blast. Sol Hee notices something and gets shocked.