The episode starts with Su Young recalling Kyung Pil’s break up story and makes a call to him. They are in a hotel room together when Jong Hyun calls Su Young. Kyung Pil pics the call and says that they are together. Kyung Pil didn’t mind it which irritated Jong Hyun. She asks him to connect Su Young through phone with him but she cuts the call. Kyung Pil asks if she’s sure that she won’t regret it and Su Young says that she won’t. Next day, Sang Su tries to initiate a conversation with su Young when she suddenly left. Jong Hyun comes there and confronts her whether it’s true. Su Young answers positively. Jong Hyun sees Kyung Pil and hits him. Sang Su tries to stop him when Jong Hyun asks if Su young slept with him too. The whole office witnessed it. Noh and other colleagues discuss about Su Young’s scandal. Noh asks to keep Mr. Kim from another ranch who visited them to keep their mouth shut. Later, Sang Su confronts Kyung Pil if it’s really true. Kyung Pil agrees and plays the recording of his conversation with Su Young. Sang Su breaks his phone and hits him. Kyung Pil shows him the mirror that he’s doing the exact same thing for Mi Kyung. Mi Kyung bumps with Su Young in washroom but she didn’t respond.

At office, Lee doubt Sang Su to be a part of Su Yeong’s scandal too but Mi Kyung rubbishes it off. She then confronts Sang Su for still turning her down for such a girl. Sang Su leaves saying that they would discuss later. Sang Su is lost in thoughts. Jong Hyun comes back to house and throws away his books. Sang Su after much thought still followed Su Young. Su Young finds a devastated Jong Hyun on floor when he again asks her if it’s true. Su Young answers positively. Jong Hyun breaks down when Su Young apologizes him and asks him to start a fresh and find a better partner for himself after finding a place to stay. Sang Su is at Su young’s parent restaurant sitting lost. Su Young’s father joins him and they drink together. He asks if he’s close with is daughter and Sang Su answers that he likes her. He provides him with comfort indirectly giving his nod to their relationship. he says high bout his daughter. Mi Kyung’s mother barges into Mi Kyung’s room and shows her Su Young’s scandal which had got posted by Mr. Kim. She asks if this is the reason Sang Su and Mi Kyung want to break up . Mi Kyung doesn’t answer her. Next day, Manger sees the viral video and lashes out at her but she didn’t’ answer.

In the meeting after lots of chaos d it’s decided to fire Jong Hyun for his act. People in the bank again badmouths Su Young and Sang Su unable to tolerate it leaves to the headquarters. Su Young is also preset at headquarters for her position transfer interview. She gets called to the interview. The mock her for continuously appearing for the interview despite failing every time. They ask what is the mistake she does that she fails every time. Su Young says even she wants to know about it as despite working so hard and contributing with honest she couldn’t understand that why didn’t she fit the guidelines. Sang su finds Mr. Kim at the training program and the guy who asked Sang su to introduce him to Su Young. They badmouth and mock Su Young a lot that Sang Su loses his cool and picks a fight with him. Sang Su leaves in lift where he bumps with Su Young. They both come out and he again starts following her. She gets frustrated and asks why is he still following her and not asking her the reason for her behavior or confronting her. She asks how could he act so indifferent.

In the meantime, Sang Su’s fight with Mr. Kim becomes a hot topic in office and Ma suspects Sang su to be involved with Su Young too. Mi Kyung covers for him and comes out saying she is going to have lunch with Sang Su. She bumps with him outside and calls out his reckless act and how she struggles to cover it up for him. Sang Su asks he to stop covering for him. Mi Kyung angrily goes to Kyung Pil and Su young’s work place to find only Kyung Pil there. She lashes out at him for failing both as a friend and boyfriend and calls him out for sleeping with Su Young. He asks her to feel happy instead as now there won’t be any chance of Sang Su uniting with Su Young. She then meets Su Young outside and confronts her for playing with three men. Su Young reminds her own words to her and asks her to the her so that she could feel comfortable.

Sang Su meets with Su Young and explains her that he didn’t confront her as he’s afraid that it would mean that he needs to stop seeing her which he doesn’t want to. He still wants to see her and Su Young leaves asking him not to. Jong Hyun leaves to his hometown a nd Su Young comes back to find his things gone. Sang Su visits Seok Hyeon who’s at his house pretending to be in trip. He is ruined in guilt for both his girlfriend and wife and Sang Su pities him. Kyung Pil comes there and gets startled seeing Sang Su. Su Young visits her mother who feeds her. She asks how she forgave her father despite him leaving her for another woman. Her mother finds her in pain and gets worried about the same. Sang Su calls Kyung Pil for a talk and says that he’s not ready to believe what they said and doesn’t mind even if it’s true. Kyung Pil calls him out again for hurting Mi Kyung and says that it was Su Young who called him in the first place and leaves.

Su Young is on her way to home a recall Sang su saying that he would keep following her. She turns around and did not find him but Sang Su was watching her from other side. Mi Kyung is having dinner with her parents when her father asks why Sang Su hasn’t contacted him yet despite ditching their dinner. Her mother takes her aside and asks if Sang Su has feelings for another girl a nd confronts her for losing her self-respect. Sang Su visits her mother who finds him in great pain. She asks him not to suffer too much. Sang Su learns that Mi Kyung is admitted for IV due to stress. Her cousin asks if there is any problem between them. Sang Su visits Mi Kyung who leaves with him saying that it’s normal for her. They go to his place and Sang Su apologizes her for getting into a relationship with her believing that he could give his 100% some day but he couldn’t. Mi Kyung leaves taking the car key she gifted him while Sang Su breaks down. She breaks the car glass in fury and breaks down too. Su Young is in her house when Jong Hyun comes there and starts throwing away his study materials. She tries stopping him but he is furious . he once again pleads her whether she really cheated on him and she nods positively. She says that he was never happy with her and he too says that she never loved him and it was all pity. He leaves in anger. Su Young breaks down and recalls doing nothing but just voice record their conversation in hotel room with Kyung Pil. Sang Su holds the umbrella for her keeping his promise to stay by her side always.