The episode starts with Ahn su Young visiting her office right before leaving. She looks at her appointment letter and new id card and gets emotional. Sang su searches for Su Young at her house and finds she’s gone forever. He sits defeated at the office and looks at the same id card when Ms. Seo comes there and says that her quitting is shocking given the fact that she worked so hard to finally achieve what she wanted. Sang Su requests her to hold on her resignation to manger and make it like she’s actually on a vacation leave and she agrees. Later everyone attends the meeting as they discuss about the upcoming event. Mr. Noh tells everyone that Mi Kyung got a voluntary transfer to the Washington branch. Everyone was surprised with her decision but she says that it worked that way. They decide to throw a farewell party for Mi Kyung and everyone agree. Sang Su asks to her in private if it’s because of him. Mi Kyung says not exactly as she always wanted it to happen. However she adds that she’s not satisfied with how it ended.

Later everyone is enjoying the dinner and Ma Du Sik is also present there. Mr. Lee asked why is he here and he says that he didn’t get his farewell a nd so invited himself. Noh asks him to let him join. They question Mi Kyung about her long-distance relationship with Sang Su when Mi Kyung says that they broke up as she doesn’t trust in long distance relationship. Everyone goes silent for a moment but then resumed to act normal. An upset Kyung Pil is waiting outside when Mi Kyung comes to him. She confronts him the reason for his act with Su Young but he refuses to answer. She then asks the reason for what he did with her. He reveals that his pride got crushed when people asked him to break up with her and so he himself went on to ruin things. Later at the party, Ma got jealous of Bae’s closeness with another employee and kisses her suddenly exposing their relation to everyone. Everyone cheered for them. Next day, the event goes well when Kyung Pil calls Sang Su for a dinner as he has something to discuss with him. They have dinner at Su Young’s parent’s former shop and Kyung Pil tries saying about what happened between him and Su Young. Sang Su says that he doesn’t blame him for it but also is not ready to hear anything about it. Kyung Pil indirectly helps Sang Su by asking the shop lady about Su Young’s parents’ hometown.

Su Young’s parents are currently running a shop at their hometown and Su Young is with them. Jong Hyun tries reaching out at Su Young but couldn’t call her. He visited her house only to learnt that she vacated the place. Sang Su gets the voice recording of the night which Kyung Pil sent him. Mi Kyung is having food with her parents when she informs them about moving abroad for the next three years and also her break up with Sang Su. Her father says that he has already made the arrangements for her accommodation nearby. Mi Kyung thanks her father for all that he provided for her and finally says that she has realized that it’s his way of showing love towards her. She felt grateful about the same and her father got emotional. Jung Hyun visits Sang Su asking about Su Young only to learn that she has resigned from her job. Sang Su picks Mi Kyung on her way to the airport who says that she would miss the lousy car. He drops her off at the airport and Mi Kyung wishes for a happy life for him. They bid their final goodbye as Mi Kyung leaves inside for her fresh start. Jong Hyun tries to delete Su Young’s number but he himself couldn’t get to do it.

Su Young visits her brother’s memorial where she bumps with his friend. He says that he feels guilty for saying Su Yeok about the house which is why he got into the accident. He reveals a shocking truth that he caught her mother cheating on her father with another man during his delivery and Mi Kyung is shocked about the same. She visited the lady whom she suspected to have affair with her father to learn the truth. The lady revealed that it was her mother who had affair with her husband. She told that she sued her for the same but it’s her father who pleaded for her mother and made her take back the complaint. Su Young breaks down finally realizing the blunder misunderstanding she was in all these years. She t=have a talk with her father confronting him about the same. He says that all that matters to him for now is her happiness. Mi Kyung’s mother visits Sang Su’s mother as she wants to reconcile their friendship which is gladly accepted from both the ends. Sang Su and Seok Hyun have drink nd gets wasted over their troubled love life. Sang Su recalls about the recording when Seok Hyun mention about Kyung Pil. He plays it and finally finds out the truth. He sends Seok Hyun in taxi nd takes one for himself too.

Su young didn’t confront her mother over the past and asks her to get well with her bags so that they could go back to what they were before. she visits the beach where she finds the same sand castle se made when she was with Sang Su. Sang Su rushes to her saying that he found her despite her running away. Jong Hyun once again starts preparing for his exams on Su Young’s request. Ms. Seo and Kyung Pil covered for Sang Su in office lying that he’s down with flu. Sang Su gives her id to Su Young and says about how her resignation is not processed yet. Su Young says that she once craved for the card and suddenly throws it into sea saying that she now only wants to be happy. However she didn’t expect Sang Su to retrieve it. Sang Su cleans himself in sauna and wants to do things as a tourist. Su Young take shim first to try pork cutlet and asks if it’s better than his University’s . Sang Su’s says his was still better and asks her to come with him a nd tr once. They then visit her school a nd finds children playing hide and seek. Su Young says she is expert in hiding and Sang Su says that he’s expert in finding. They then go rope car before returning to his hotel. Su Young at first leave and then come back to him for drinking. While drinking they paly truth game where Su Young confessed that she ran away as she’s not confident to stay with him a nd be happy. Sang Su reveals that he hesitated outside the hotel as he was not confident to take her responsibility. They both kiss and spends the night together. Next day, Sang Su and Su Young are in bus stop when Su Young says that she would reconsider her decision to join the job. They both part ways.